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  1. >Features Dragon's Lair

    >Does not mention Don Bluth


  2. shantae is such a great game omg. it's so beautiful and has so much personality, and it's a total blast to play to boot

  3. In the DS video he talked about how faithful a game originally released just 3-4 years ago on the N64 looked. That's really a contrast compared to Dragons Lair.

  4. Alone in the dark was unplayable… Due to. The combat…

  5. Wow… This really is shocking how good it is, and I thought GBA was fairly impressive.

  6. Damn dragon's lair is a good port. very faithful looking

  7. Okay but when can I get a California Gameboy Color

  8. What about Donkey Kong Country for Gameboy Color?

    No, not Donkey Kong LAND, there was an actual port of DKC.

  9. I skipped over the GBC and I don’t know why because I love handhelds… I don’t think I understood it’s increased power at the time and literally thought it was just a color capable gameboy. so I really want to collect one now. You say it’s underpowered as well as the GBA but they both do things that the NES and SNES couldn’t even begin to try.

  10. When you showed the Toy Story Racer game, I was like "HOLY CRAP! That's great graphics." And then you showed the gameboy color version.

  11. I can't believe that the GBC got a much, much better Dragon's Lair adaptation than the fucking NES did.

  12. Oh yeah Shantee a great gameboy color game apart from the fact that IT'S THE MOST RARE GAMEBOY COLOR GAME OF ALL TIME AND COSTS LIKE 9,000$

  13. I actually own cannon fodder for gameboy color

  14. Am I the only one a bit suprised to not see "Perfect Dark" on this list? I remember being blown away plugging that game into my GBA, I was so used to GBC games being so much worse than my GBA games, but that one felt like one of the bunch

  15. At 0:44 holy shit there’s no way this is GBC 😂 it was too good to be true.
    For me the best one is Whacky Races

  16. And to think most people think the game boy color is just a color version of the original

  17. I thought Perfect Dark would have made this list myself but meh… Fair enough. Nice work though

  18. I wonder why they would bother with putting that stuff in with real voices when it was so unpleasant sounding. Were they not able to know what it was going to sound like?

  19. Mary Kate and Ashley also has Voice Over and sounds exactly like Cannon Fodder voice over.
    Must be the limitation of the cartridge and Gameboy

  20. FMV was possible, I mean they did make an actual camera for the thing

  21. mpforeverunlimited  🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

    5 graphically impressice vita games??

  22. Whenever I see GBA graphics, I am all of a sudden a child in the late 90s riding in back of my parents car.

  23. Alone In The Dark was released before Resident Evil.

  24. Shiiiiiit, all of these look like GBA games.

  25. Cannon Fodder opening: I came out before 9/11

    Fans of Uncle Derrick of Stop Skeletons from Fighting will understand 😉🤣.

  26. That voice in Cannon Fodder lmao! 😂

    WaR hAs NeVeR bEeEeN sOoO mUuCh FuUuUuUuUuUun!!

    * Incomprehensible robotic voice singing *

  27. King Edward II, Lord of Wales and King of England says:

    Donkey kong country is pretty impressive as well


  29. Just for future reference, game cartridges are measured in megabits not megabytes, a megabit is about an 8th of a megabyte

  30. I would like to point out that Jake Kauffman "Vert" is the musician behind shantae tracks and has uploaded them to yt and even shares his thoughts on them via description

  31. I was really sitting here thinking "I wonder if they'll show hamtaro: ham hams unite" but also, that is another late game boy color game that just looks really nice

  32. Y’all should check Star Ocean for the GBC. Mesmerizing!

  33. $700 for a loose copy of Shantae lol I’m good

  34. Alone In The Dark and Shantae looks like GBA games. Really impressive.

  35. Man that GTA ADVANCE pause theme really gets memories back while he's talking you could hear a faint soundtrack

  36. I had a dream about actual polygons on a gameboy color

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