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  1. Rhino Rumble, Alfred's Adventure are two glaring omissions.
    Klax's graphics and sound are also noteworthy.

  2. Wario Land 3 is the best looking GBC game in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Cannon fodder on the GBC is mind blowing.
    Also donkeykong country on GBC. blows my mind.

  4. I remember seeing Alone in the Dark for gbc in Game Informer magazine and immediately thinking it was a misprint of maybe a low budget ps1 game. It was very impressive for such slow hardware.
    "Creatively bankrupt" What about a list of your favorite games, or moments in games, or history of 3D, or list of games that were cancelled, or celebrity voice acting in games. Idk just trying to think, Great channel so keep it up!

  5. Love your channel minimme! I'd be happy to see you do graphically-impressive games for, well, every console pre-2005, while you're at it! (I feel like the PS3 / Xbox 360 generation was when impressive visual feats stopped being so dramatic)

  6. Any game by Tiertex Designs. Yeah their games are just the worst when it comes to ganeplay but the animation on the games and their cutscenes are nothing short of witchcraft.

  7. Toy Story Racer – Sprites on top of pre-rendered track visuals? So basically it's Mega Race.

    Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare – The combat actually looks more playable than the original versions. Like virtually all survival horror games from that era, the combat was slow and annoying. And yes, I'm definitely including Resident Evil in that statement. Rather than make challenging enemies, the designers seemed to think that saddling the player with cumbersome combat mechanics equated to the same thing.

  8. Rayman GBC is the best looking GBC game ever

  9. Wacky Races for the GBC is a really impressive game, is developed by the people who made Asterix & Obelix XXL for GBA

  10. Just like Cannon Fodder, Tarzan for GBC had a FMV intro. It was pretty much the back half of one of the movie trailers.

  11. A few from my youth that were impressive:
    – Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
    – WarioLand 3
    – Shantae
    – Rayman
    – Lego racers (kinda dated nowadays)
    – Kirby tilt 'n tumble

  12. You should check out the unreleased prototype of Resident Evil for the GBC, now that's pretty impressive.

  13. Whatever your emulator did to the sound in the Cannon Fodder into, it went from sounding like a GBC to sounding like the Max Headroom broadcast intrusion.

  14. I was always wondering what the art style of the original Shantae was reminding me of, but it suddenly clicked, the Neo-Geo Pocket Colour.

  15. "X" was a Star Fox-esque tank combat game that was pretty good. it was only released in Japan though and from what I recall it's quite rare so I understand why it wasn't included

  16. Just asking, have you found out about Toy Story Racer's impressive GBC graphics thanks to my "Best Game Boy Color 3D Graphics – Toy Story Racer" video?
    I'm just curious man, I'm not asking credits or stuff like that because that would be pointless, I just wanna know. 🙂

  17. fish files ! a really pretty looking game

  18. 0:26 Yup, stolen their signature phrase at Stop skeletons from fighting. And you admitted it. You silly little sausage.

  19. The gameboy color had some quite neat tricks on it's belt, specially if compared to the OG gameboy.
    For example, it has a DMA data copying hardware, which allows you to very quickly copy data from the cartridge to the video memory, which is how you can play movies on it like on the first game.
    The OG gameboy barely can hit 4 FPS if attempting to do that (just ask the gameboy camera).
    Also you can double the CPU clock, use a ton more memory, a HUGE color palette etc..

  20. NO! Toy Story Racer on the ps1 isn’t a Mario kart clone, it’s such a great game! Mario kart didn’t create kart racing and Toy Story Racer is actually an unique kart racer that holds up incredibly well.

  21. 5 Graphically UNimpressive games for N64.
    Like Paperboy 64 or Waialae Country Club Golf. XD

  22. My jaw dropped when he showed the first game…

  23. Do graphically impressive Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Atari 2600, PS1, PS2, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast games. And while you're at it do graphically impressive games for lesser-known systems like the Wonderswan, N-Gage QD (a MUCH better redesign compared to the crappy original N-Gage), Watara Supervision, Mega Duck (aka Cougar Boy), Neo Geo Pocket & Neo Geo Pocket Color, and maybe even the Sega Visual Memory Unit (a memory card/portable console hybrid device).

  24. How is Max Payne not even on honorable mentions? Lol

  25. These games would look 2x better with the unlit screne

  26. Too bad Shantae is impossible to find for a decent price.

  27. that war game cutsceen was fucking insane it looked way too good to be GBC

  28. Good quality here with the graphical upload of the game boy color

  29. "Another 5 more graphically impressive gameboy color games again"

  30. It may be incremental to the original GB but it actually has more "juice" and a better color palette than the NES despite having less screen resolution. Mostly it was sad all the good 8-bit pixel artists had moved on with Shantae as an exception and many GBC developers were not adept at 2-bit color in many cases IE. 8-bit newbies. Some definite technical skill going on in these examples to applaud. 😀

  31. Perfect Dark was pretty memorable for it's great synthesized speech

  32. If you want to see a REALLY impressive tech demo, look up Stunt Race FX for Gameboy.

  33. Oh, I'm interested in killing children.


  34. Aren't you gonna take about the


    in shantae!?!

  35. Holy s*** my comment was the first one >w>';
    Really caught me by surprise…
    You should really check out Wacky Races on the GBC as well, that game uses a load of scanline interrupts in order to achieve upwards of 200 or more colours on-screen without having to resort to the memory-intensive Hi-Colour mode, which made them able to make highly detailed backgrounds and pseudo-3D race-tracks! It also happens to be actually pretty fun to play and has a pretty good soundtrack by Shin'en! This game is about the closest thing you'll get to Mario Kart on the GBC…

    In fact, I think you should check out all of the games by Fernando Velez and Guillaume Dubail on the GBC, they're all very impressive, but Wacky Races just so happens to be the best one of the bunch…
    Another game similar to Wacky Races which uses a similar effect is Top Gear Pocket 2, it's not as good as Wacky Races, but it's still pretty good, and very impressive-looking as well!

  36. How could you play these games without a backlight

  37. How about 5 graphically impressive Atari 2600 game? You can put "Solaris, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, and others"

  38. I came in here expecting Shantae.

    I was not disappointed.

  39. Do Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football next, that game is all about the graphics

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