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  1. Yeah this is interesting from a tech point of view, but I was actually looking for games that are as beautiful as batman the animated series on the gameboy, that game is just stunning on a retro handheld, do you guys know other beautiful games like that

  2. There's also carmageddon tdr 2000Witch it had a gameplay footage from the console versionIt got cancelled but the game is finished

  3. "Alone in the dark is a resident evil style game" wut

  4. The voice of the FMV is going to give me nightmares

  5. Why you aren't using the Driver song in your vídeos anymore? :/

  6. cant wait for 5 graphically impressive cave paintings

  7. Where does that elevator music sounding background music come from??? It sounds so familiar!!!

  8. Will ya move into some new generation consoles at any time? Maybe the PS Vita? Or PS2/Gamecube/Xbox? They might be already graphically impressive but maybe showing the best graphics of their generation would be dope!

  9. Lot of things come to mind, but first and foremost Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit. It's a real time 3D dungeon crawler, like Ultima Underworld with FMVs.

  10. I'm not sure if you'd count it since it was incomplete and never officially released, but there's a version of the first Resident Evil for the GBC that got shockingly close to the PS1 version.

  11. I think it might be worth it to look into maybe reviewing handheld games, maybe try a couple underappreciated gems and see what happens.

  12. I’ve heard that Cannon fodder actually sounds better on original gbc hardware.

  13. Great video as always!
    I want part two!! I know theres other impressive games like.. Rayman,perfect dark, mario tennis, etc Theres just so many gbc games, you could even probably do a japanese version of that list hehe, Okay see ya on the next one, i love those vids btw

  14. You should check out Metal Gear Ghost Babel/Metal Gear Solid for the Gameboy Color, it's pretty damn good, and it looks incredible for the Gameboy Color.

  15. Very impressive but unfortunately most of these games are shit except for shantae and cannon fodder.

  16. I really dig in Perfect Dark for gbc. It has full voice acting (sic!), good animations and generally nice graphics

  17. Do a "5 graphically impressive Skyrim ports", because you know.. I think we have enough by now :b

  18. The unreleased port of the first resident evil also looks great!

  19. You missed 3D Pocket Pool! That game was to the GBC what Vegas Stakes was to the OG Gameboy – the game you just kept going back to when you wanted to chill out.

  20. The second one actually looks like a GBA game wtf

  21. I KNEW THERE WAS A TOY STORY RACER. I remember that shit blowing my mind when I was a kid!

  22. If you do a part 2 it could be worth checking out Tomb Raider and its sequel Curse of the Sword, Lara is so well animated and the backgrounds are very detailed, and in Curse of the Sword they're even animated

  23. You apologize for ruining my ears right now mister.

  24. Alone in the dark actually is the father of Resident Evil styled games. Boi

  25. I see how they did it, I'm just not gettin' the why.

  26. You could mention The Fish Files for your next GBC video. Incredible graphics, reminiscent of Lucas Arts games.

  27. You put toy story stuff on here and I arrive trying to escape the creepy toy story test animations stuck in my head! But when you mentioned travellers tales I was fine.

  28. I would say Wario Land 3 was one that stood out for me.

  29. Hey minimme, Cannon Fodder's intro does not sound crackly and robotic on real GBC hardware!
    I recorded the intro directly from the headphone jack of my real Gameboy Color, here's a link:

  30. I'm clicking on this again just to comment on it, because I forgot to this morning. You should do a 5 Graphically UNimpressive series for the PS4 or something – any system known for its visuals. I have three games in mind for the PS4 already…

  31. Top 5 most graphically impressive keyboard buttons.

  32. What would it be like to use a gameboy that's shapes like Texas?

  33. Warlocked was pretty impressive if only that it was the closest we got to a full featured RTS on GBC.

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