5 graphically impressive Gameboy Color games – minimme

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  1. Oooh… 0:51 theres a RACING game on gbc? Man ngl that sounds like as cool as if not morecso than gta 2 does to someday play..or at least fwiw er I mean like it wouldcbe interesting.. though not a specific thing I feel inclined to try to spend curency on but.. I mean I would still maybe one day playcit if I had it sitting next to me and gotvaround to it hehe.. but yeah so cool.. even if it does need to haveca slight stiffener like I made for meh worm light to prevent it from moving slightly as ya play fwiw.. downvan out of the right spot for the screen but otherwise fwiw its awesome. 😀

  2. Wario Land 3 is my personal favorite looking game. Unlike the others, which look nice for the limitations for the system (besides Shantae), Wario Land 3 is so vibrant. The hilarious facial expressions seal it for me.

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