Adley’s PlaySpace 🚀 Explore Planets! Help Friends! PLAY AS NiKO! Color! Adley app reviews new game

search for “Adleys PlaySpace” on the app store, play store, amazon store.. all these stores and it doesn’t even cost money 🤷‍♂️


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s finally here!! Adleys PlaySpace!! I’ve been waiting to show you our new game for a while now!! It is something that took a long time because we worked so hard to make this game so fun for you!! This new game is filled with a lot of adventure and wonder for you to explore with me and my family!! Join Niko and me as we choose rockets, fly through space, help new friends, and even battle some of the galaxy’s scariest monsters!! We kept a lot of the old features of unicorn catch into our new game like our coloring book option, a button for Adley clothes, and a TV that takes you to my youtube channel! We also added a lot of new features that we are excited about!! We have custom rockets you can win, we have new adley and niko characters, and we have a whole new universe for us to explore!!

Another great thing about this game is that you can also pretend and play it without a phone! Our family got together and colored just like the game! We also chose rockets from around the house like a vacuum, broom, dinosaur, and unicorn! We then rode those rockets to the basement where we searched for planets and stars and people to help! We found a seahorseacorn and helped her find her kids!! We also battled a pirate crab!! This game is so much fun and I hope you like it! If you play this game make sure to let us know! We’d love to see you play it!! 🙂

Choose a Rocket and launch into Adley’s PlaySpace to rescue hermit crab shells, save seahorsicorns, gather pixie dust for our friends, along with many more adventures to come! As you’re helping new friends and battling crazy creatures, you’ll map out an entire PlaySpace of planets, stars, and new surprises! Adley’s PlaySpace plans to continue expanding in size and content each month with free updates!

A for Adley is a fun Youtube Channel featuring 5 year old Adley Mcbride, her brother Niko, and her parents! Adley and her family love playing apps, coloring, and exploring the world where they live! That’s when they got the idea to create a PlaySpace involving all those favorite things and more, a place where we could explore together, help others, have fun, and be creative! Join us in our PlaySpace and grow with us as we build out this fun project for Adley and all her friends! We would LOVE to see some of YOU make your own app reviews exploring Adley’s PlaySpace!

Adley’s PlaySpace includes:
-an experience designed in-house by Spacestation Apps with direction from Adley and Family
-new animated characters, including Adley, Niko, Mom, Dad, and other new friends!!
-custom voice lines from Adley, Niko, Mom, and Dad
-Homemade rockets designed and named by Adley and Family
-Adley and Niko playable characters, Mom and Dad supporting characters, Lots of new friends!
-a unique new play style and gameplay
-Hidden messages and names in the PlaySpace stars
-each planet has a “Story Mode” and “Battle Mode”
-a full coloring book with custom pages and save feature
-a magic Adley TV that takes you to Adley’s Youtube Channel
-best of all it is completely FREE to explore Adley’s PlaySpace! and ALWAYS will be 🙂

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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