Attiland 2 – Pixel Art : Relaxing Coloring Book, FREE Color Games

Attiland2 – Pixel Art :Coloring mobile game
Relaxing Coloring Book, FREE Color Games

Sue was having the same old day just like yesterday, and a cat stole her watch. Sue happened to find a ladder, when she came after a cat trying to find her watch. Curious enough, Sue climbed a ladder, and met a cat on the ladder. Upon the ladder, there was a grey island, floating in the sky.
Help to find the island’s stars and bring beautiful colors to the island.

-Anyone can enjoy painting pictures, all ages.
-You can enjoy little stories by cute animals like a fairy tale.
-Step by step, you can enjoy the island’s features getting back the lost star lights.
-You can download and keep the finished pictures.
-You can paint multiple cells that are close to each other and have the same numbers by using paint.
-By using hints you can easily find the numbers.
-You can enjoy this game by customizing and choosing how to paint the colors.

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  1. Is there a way to reset the game so it can be done again?

  2. EverydaySense Studios, I have something to tell you. My progress just reset somehow.

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