Coloring Pages Rainbow Friends Purple #coloringpages #rainbowfriends #coloring #roblox #trending

Coloring Pages Rainbow Friends Purple #coloringpages #rainbowfriends #coloring #roblox

In this video, I am using Alcohol Markers and Permanent Marker for coloring, I’m coloring blue from rainbow friends game character from roblox.
most popular video coloring PURPLE from RAINBOW FRIENDS

The Rainbow Friends Logo gameplay is composed of multiple chapters. As of October 14th, there has only been one official chapter.

Chapter 1 shows a group of students going on a field trip to an amusement park called Odd World. However, someone unknown force flips the sign causing the bus to crash while the players are dragged away, taken to a strange facility where each night they have to collect items while avoiding the monsters that lurk around the facility. At the end of each night, the remaining players are returned to a safe room, where they are given a small amount of time to prepare themselves for the next night. You must collect blocks, food packs, fuses and batteries, and even try to be careful not to wake up Blue from stepping on the balloons.

Blue is the first enemy introduced, and takes the form of a large humanoid wearing a crown, with a button eye, and drooling. He wanders around the map searching for players, indicated by his stomping and chuckling. He will chase down any players that are not hidden inside a locker or a box. On some occasions, you can hide when he is looking at you and you will not be killed.

Blue acts much differently in the final night, chasing down players who pop a balloon in the area. He directly chases down any remaining players after a cutscene where a balloon lands on a fork, following them into the vents of the facility. After the players escape, Blue is crushed by a falling door, which he proceeds to pull himself out of and back inside.

Strategy: If Blue sees you, chase music will play, run away from his line of sight and box. If he sees you boxing, a red “!” will appear above your head and he’ll chase you. If a red “!” appears, unbox, run away again and box. If you’re feeling confident and no other Friends are nearby, you could also run away and he’ll stop chasing you eventually. If you hear his footsteps while about to go to a different room, box before you do, then take a peek, if he’s there, stay boxed, if he’s not, unbox and go in.

Speed (when he spots a player): Slower than your walking speed, slightly slower than your crouching speed, faster than your boxed speed.

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