Today I’m sharing my review of the new Dior Color Games summer 2020 makeup collection. I picked up both eyeshadow palettes and one of the bronzers. I’m sharing a tutorial using the warm palette very soon. I hope you enjoy! xx


$63 Sprint eyeshadow palette:
$63 Dive eyeshadow palette:
$50 Light flame bronzer:
$34 Eyeshadow contour stick:

$62 Dior Airflash foundation:
$27 Tarte Shape Tape:
$58 Givenchy powder:
$37 Rosy glow blush:
$54 Guerlain bronzer:
$30 CT Blue eyeliner:
$35 Blue liquid eyeliner:
$38 Full Fantasy lipstick:
$48 Sequin dress:
$78 Earrings:

I’m 32 years old with normal/combo skin. I get slightly oily in my T-zone throughout the day.
Chanel: 30 beige foundation, 10 concealer
Dior: 300 or 311
CT: 6N in airbrush flawless, 3 flawless filter

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  1. Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. I was hoping to share my Charlotte Tilbury review this weekend but instead I'm sharing a review of the new Dior Color Games collection for summer! I really love this collection more than I thought I would. I think both palettes are beautiful and the powder bronzer is really different. I will be sharing a look using the orange palette very soon. Also, I'm in the process of trying new sunless tanners and you can see the clear foam formula got the best of my hands! lol xx

  2. I love the blue look on you! So beautiful😘

  3. Like 30 min ago I was thinking that I hadn't seen any upload of you since the Memorial Day Sale video and I was hoping that you were OK 🙁 Glad to see you're back in business in with Dior that has been moving pretty fast to the front of the line since the end of last year for me 😀

  4. I don’t know why more people don’t talk about Dior. They have exquisite products! Foundations, mascaras, fragrance and skincare. What’s up with all that?

  5. Your look came out beautiful! I got the Sprint palette from Macy’s and it should be here soon but I think I may have to pick up this blue palette too! I can’t wait for the Summer Skin Tint foundation to come out!!

  6. Love this eye shadows! The blue eyeshadows are stunning! You look gorgeous in both🥰🥰

  7. So grateful you uploaded a video today! I was one to upload a video today too, but not many did, so your notification made me so happy 😊 Both looks are lovely but the Blue looks spectacular on you 💙 I wasn’t to fond of this collection but now, oh my I may be getting something! 💕Sending you love and blessings my sweet friend 😘

  8. I LOOOVE the palette on you! Absolutely beautiful, Erin, and the blue liner was the perfect addition!

  9. This is such a beautiful look, you look like a Disney princess, now all you need is a blue dress and a magic wand… Well your makeup brush technique is your magic wand I guess ❤️

  10. I must say that right off the bat I loved your approach to the Sprint palette more wearbale and every-day-friendly. I have the Undress Palette which to me, both the browns remind me of that one and I really use them almost every day (at least, back in my regular office worklife). Im intrigued to see how the Light Flame also works on my skin (2N in Dior foundations) because of the pink undertone and I have other deeper bronzers anyway, mostly the Guerlain limited editions which I cant stop myself from getting every single year, lol. The Dive palette, though, AMAAAZED on the look yo u accomplished with the 5 shadows!!! They all look so pretty on you and the way you arranged them on your eyes. I guess to me, I always go for Dior or Chanel because Im not going for a BOLD and LOUD, a more editorial look if you will, but a pop of colour that is wearable. I could almost hear How Will I Know on the background with your finished look so happy and bubbly and pop! Btw, I love love looove that you always find a way to match through dressing or accesorizing the theme of your review <3

  11. The Blue look is EVERYTHING…a Beautiful watercolor painting!!

  12. I think you look stunning in this collection!!

  13. I love the sound your camera makes when it’s focusing, idk why but it’s soothing to me along with your voice lol great video as always!! You always make me want to shop!! ❤️

  14. Hi beautiful looks! I would really love to see how you achieved your first look with the orange/brown palette. I have the same palette and I have struggled to incorporate the orange color. Maybe i should try it again with a flat brush and not the blending brush….But would love to see how you did your look as it looked amazing! The blue one is beautiful too. I didnt pick it up as I rarely ever wear blue eyeshadows.

  15. Missed your videos! I was so happy to see you post this one. Hope you had a nice couple of days off! And thank you for testing out self tanners for us 🥰

  16. The finished blue look is beautiful for blue and grey eyes! The yellowish collection was nowhere near as nice as the blue.

  17. For the Dior price I expect each shadow to perform great!

  18. The blue looks absolutely gorgeous on you and the powder/ blush/bronzer? It looked. Lovely as a blush! You do such a great job on your tutorials! Thanks Erin

  19. Erin, what a stunning magically ethereal eye look! I wasn't really that much attracted to these new Dior palettes but now, I may get tempted to get one!;-) I purchased the same bronzer from Dior website, and I received the same beautiful Dior pouch. Isn't that a gorgeous gift? I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the box! It was so worth to place that order, if only to received this pouch! I like the bronzer, but I agree that because of the hint of pink it works great as a topper or even all over the face. I'm pretty fair so for me, it gives me more of a natural bronze look. I like how silky it is. I will be waiting for your tutorial of the orange palette! xx

  20. Gorgeous look! Wow. Blue eyeshadows with green eyes can be tricky to pull off, but you did it.

  21. I purchased the Sprint palette, along with both blushes. I ended up applying everything just like Peter Philips did in the video and it came out beautiful. I loved applying both blushes together, it really did make for a pretty look! Although I couldn't get my eyelook as intense as he did, I wonder if he used it wet? It still came out beautiful though! I don't know if we're getting the new Stellar Shines in the US or not so I ordered the new shade from Selfridges. That blue look is stunning on you!

  22. Both eyeshadows are perfect for symmer ✨✨ really thank you for reviewing Dior summer collection! I’ll order sprint eyeshadow 💛💛

  23. Would be nice to see 3 or 4 looks with one pallet.

  24. The quad with the blue eye shadows wins hands down. It’s looks very playful and summery. If someone gave me the other quad for free I’d take it but wouldn’t buy it. Allison Chase applied the deeper blue all over her lid and into the crease. It looked stunning on her brown eyes.

  25. The blue eyeshadow is stunning on you! I love how you created a pastel color of blue, pink, purple on your lid. And the blue liner looks amazing as the finishing touch. The other palette sounds like a disappointment so I look forward to that video to see what happened. But great review of the Dior products giving us your honest opinion! 😊❤️

  26. Oooo both looks are pretty but I really love that blue look, I hope you get to wear that one out somewhere sometime.

  27. What lip color are you wearing with the Sprint palette? It’s gorgeous.

  28. That blue/purple/pink look is amazing. Thank you!!!!!!

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