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Big Daisy Marker Pen Coloring Pages ;
Hi guys. We are here with you today with a brand new painting video. The shape we’re going to paint today is a daisy shape. Daisies are really sweet flowers. Not only are they cute in appearance, they also smell very good. The pens we will paint today are 12 Jumbo felt-tip pens. The colors in these pens are; red, orange, yellow, blue, green, dark blue, pink, purple, brown and dark green. So what color do daisies actually become? Daisies are white flowers when found in nature. But when painting, they can be in the color you want. We can paint all the leaves in the flowers of the daisies in the colors we want. There is a circle in the middle and 10 leaves on the edges.
We start painting with the top petal first. The petals are the leaves on the edges of the flowers that make the flower look beautiful. We paint the top first leaf orange. We paint the second leaf in red. We leave dots on them with a black felt-tip pen. After we paint the 3 leaves that we will paint in green color, we paint the 4th leaf in yellow. Again, we leave small dots on them with a black felt-tip pen. Likewise, we continue to paint all the leaves.
The leaves that we will paint next will be in blue colors. We paint the first leaf in light blue and the second leaf in dark blue. We leave spots on the light blue color and the dark blue color. In the meantime, we paint our next leaf in pink and leave black spots on it. Likewise, we paint the remaining 3 leaves in purple and brown colors and leave black spots on them. In the middle of our flower, we draw dots with a black pencil first and then we paint it in a round shape with yellow blue pink colors. That’s all for today. See you guys
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