Guess the FNaF Animatronic by their color!! #shorts

Guess the FNaF Animatronic!

Sub to AJ: @Un_Elysian

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  1. Can I get a challenge like this??

  2. the last one comes on“ITS THAT GUY FROM HELP WANTED 2”

  3. Carnie is the newest animatronic and he's included in fnaf help wanted 2

  4. I didnt know his name and I haven’t played HW2, but I went with “the guy who looks like lefty in that one shooting mini game where Chica eats beans in help wanted 2

  5. She’s never ready but get every answer right

  6. I knew it was Carney but i didnt remember his name😂

  7. I love that Aj hates the phantoms so she did not know there was a phantom freddy

  8. the only reason i knew it was carnie is cause i was stuck on the last Fazerblast level for so long and he kept getting me.

  9. bro I didn’t even knew that an animatronic named carnie exsist so I thought it was rockstar freddy😭🤚

  10. Is it bad that I got them all right almost instantly

  11. Who the fuck is carnie am I actually dumb? Why have I never seen a fucking carnie before


  13. Carnie is one of my new favorite animatronics😁

  14. Hey you should do GEUSS the FNAF animatronic by their mouth or forehead

  15. I thought nightmare Bonnie was blackheart Bonnie💀

  16. i knew the last one but forgot his name 😅

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