I Subscribed to EVERY Adult Coloring App to find the Ultimate BEST Digital Coloring App!

I reviewed EVERY Adult Coloring App I could find for the iPad on the App Store, and subscribed to every trial and subscription available, with the goal to find the BEST Digital Coloring App for Adults…

And I did!

I ended up with 100 digital coloring apps, all claiming to be made for “adults” (some were definitely not), and many charging ridiculous subscription prices for the features they offered. I was even scammed by a few apps, and caught out some copycats!

But after hours of filtering through *not so great* apps, I also found some amazing coloring apps with great features, and spent about an hour in each, seeing just how far I could take their tools to create digital art.


The 12 ‘finalist’ apps were Pigment, Recolor, Chroma, Marvel Color Your Own, Colorfly, Colorfy, Lake: Coloring Books & Journal, Adult Coloring Book Color Page, Tayasui Color, Calmeleon, InColor and Color Pop.

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Note: I am not associated with any of the apps included in this video at the time of this review.
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  1. I am still confused about which apps you had to pay for and how much they were and which ones were free…

  2. My favorite coloring game as a 14 yr old is probably Pixal art

  3. One word Sketchbook try it. it is not like what you showed in this video not a coloring book it is more like just freedom in creating art on your iPad you can add pictures you can add text in there so many different brushes you can use please try it!

  4. If i were you I'd already have destroyed the background in ur room by trying to color that in 😓

  5. I want to install the app with the custume shape i dk which one i is

  6. Thank you for this! I've been dying to find a good coloring app and your in-depth video helps so much!! <3

  7. I think the color palettes you mention as copycat, may have come from Adobe Colors users palettes, which is a public library of color sets combinations made by users

  8. I like colour pop, blending is pretty easy. Just use the big brush and the brush

  9. Can I suggest ibx paint x? It’s not really coloring but you can import photos of anything and draw on them

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  11. I use Color Therapy and I'm really happy with it.

  12. Hi can u do a vid with good apps in Samsung cuz most of the apps are only on apple 😭

  13. This video really made me want lake, but my tablet I use for drawing isn't an iPad so I can't use it on my tablet only on my small phone

  14. My favorite app would be ColorTherapy. There is a subscription but you can do most things without it. It is add free and there is a wide variety of colors. You can chose to do color by number or to make your own drawing. There is also lots of tools so you can actually draw !! The app includes challenges ranging from easy to advanced or you can just pick a picture and start coloring !

  15. I Have Happy Color App! Since I Got My First Phone On My 19th Birthday However Since There Was 1500+ Days On Daily Drawings So I Decided To Start My Challenge Of Every Day Drawings All Way Throughout 2018 To 2022! Now Currently On August 2018 Drawings.

  16. Try procreate
    Or have you tried it idk because i am like 5 mins through

  17. Ibis paint and sketchbook are good drawing apps

  18. a while back i was a user on color therapy, i was on the drawing side and one thing you had to look out for was putting words in your drawing, if you didn't maximize your words then your account would be deleted/banned

  19. i think it’s time to tell you, to cancel those subscriptions

  20. I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to blend in the Lake app 😩

  21. I have three coloring apps I like: Happy Color, Colorfy, and ColorPop

  22. Thank u now i know a great amount of colouring apps i can try out!! X

  23. how do you spell the first app that you siad

  24. Thank you for the video. I try lake apps. It’s good

  25. Coloring Book Apps R Interesting,But What I Really Want Access 2 Is An App
    That Doesn't Limit Import Picture Size,
    Fills In With Gradient Color Variations
    & Has A Lot Of Brush Features. I Create
    My Own Art Experiences.

  26. Love your accent and especially your personality. Thanks for uploading this. and saving others a lot of time and frustration. New to this tablet stuff, and noticed most of the coloring apps were games. If I wanted to play a game, I'd download a game. What I want is to color for relaxation and creativity. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this video. Appreciate it immensely.

  27. Hello Sarah, I am looking for an app that would allow me to upload my own coloring pages to color. Do you know some?

  28. I don't like your yt channel but yor doing great keep up the good work!!!:)

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  30. I would love to know what styles you’re using

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