I Subscribed to EVERY Adult Coloring App to find the Ultimate BEST Digital Coloring App!

I reviewed EVERY Adult Coloring App I could find for the iPad on the App Store, and subscribed to every trial and subscription available, with the goal to find the BEST Digital Coloring App for Adults…

And I did!

I ended up with 100 digital coloring apps, all claiming to be made for “adults” (some were definitely not), and many charging ridiculous subscription prices for the features they offered. I was even scammed by a few apps, and caught out some copycats!

But after hours of filtering through *not so great* apps, I also found some amazing coloring apps with great features, and spent about an hour in each, seeing just how far I could take their tools to create digital art.


The 12 ‘finalist’ apps were Pigment, Recolor, Chroma, Marvel Color Your Own, Colorfly, Colorfy, Lake: Coloring Books & Journal, Adult Coloring Book Color Page, Tayasui Color, Calmeleon, InColor and Color Pop.

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Note: I am not associated with any of the apps included in this video at the time of this review.
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  1. Yeah excuse me you can tell me your name but can you tell me when you’re done with your video I want you to tell me which one is your favorite and which one blends because I’m looking for a one that blends

  2. Happy Color is the only one I’ve bought. The others are subscriptions and not cheap subs. Now I can watch the rest, because I’m always looking for new ones. I have a few lolWhile I do love Happy Color because I don’t have to think and just like watching the replay of the patterns after, I am definitely going to download some you mentioned! I’ve been looking for more color apps. Already downloaded pigment!

  3. I’ve had Color Therapy for about 3 and a half years now? I loved to make little doodles on there and I barely actually did the coloring already made art stuff, and just made my own drawings. I’ve met so many great friends on there I’ve known for awhile. I still have the app but my account is currently blocked by admin? I’ll be getting it back though.

  4. I have Happy Color, Color Planet and Tap Color Pro. They're all really relaxing.

  5. hi, I want to know if anyone has downloaded Pigment. I want to know because I did download it and there is a kind of "V.I.P." subscription. Without the "V.I.P." subscription you can not use anything. Without the "V.I.P." subscription there are only 4 brushes available, there are only 2 types of fill buckets, and the color wheel is locked. The "V.I.P." subscription costs 11.99 per week so I recommend to everyone not to download it unless you have the money to spent on this app. Without the subscription it is an awesome app.

  6. I used to have Recolor, and it was so fun 🥰

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