I Subscribed to EVERY Adult Coloring App to find the Ultimate BEST Digital Coloring App!

I reviewed EVERY Adult Coloring App I could find for the iPad on the App Store, and subscribed to every trial and subscription available, with the goal to find the BEST Digital Coloring App for Adults…

And I did!

I ended up with 100 digital coloring apps, all claiming to be made for “adults” (some were definitely not), and many charging ridiculous subscription prices for the features they offered. I was even scammed by a few apps, and caught out some copycats!

But after hours of filtering through *not so great* apps, I also found some amazing coloring apps with great features, and spent about an hour in each, seeing just how far I could take their tools to create digital art.


The 12 ‘finalist’ apps were Pigment, Recolor, Chroma, Marvel Color Your Own, Colorfly, Colorfy, Lake: Coloring Books & Journal, Adult Coloring Book Color Page, Tayasui Color, Calmeleon, InColor and Color Pop.

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Note: I am not associated with any of the apps included in this video at the time of this review.
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  1. I was well into this video before I noticed the stealth ukulele in your studio

  2. Im thinking of getting an ipad so I can use procreate…

  3. Happy Coloring App is my stress relief. Pretty mindless.

  4. Happy color is a lot of fun though even though it is color by number

  5. Color therapy was fun too. They have contests and challenges like use two colors, do a coloring in gold and silver etc. I used to be subscribed to it

  6. I think you’ve found a gap in the market if you’re interested in developing your own app.

  7. I use Pigment….its really good, highly recommend it, not too badly priced either

  8. With free trials just go into your shop and unsubscribe immediately, you’ll still get the benefit of subscribing for the full trial period.

  9. I detest subscriptions. The sole reason I don't use coloring apps.

  10. So sad that the lake one is only in the apple store

  11. Thank you for uncovering the copying of color palettes! I’m the Product Manager of Pigment and we create and name all of our palettes, so they’re all completely original. That’s so unfortunate that other companies are copying our palettes because it takes a lot of work for our artists to curate them!

  12. Me: can't decide between 3 types of milk at grocery store
    Sarah Renae Clark: signs up for ONE HUNDRED coloring apps and figures out the best one.

    Well done, Pigment. You deserve it.

  13. Happy Color is the best. free. EVERY photo is free as well.

  14. Thank you so much for the help! I have always used Coloring Book for Me, but been unimpressed by the lack of features. I love Pigment so far and can’t wait to keep coloring!❤️

  15. In pigment I don’t have brush types ,why don’t I have any?

  16. I use PBN and it's fine. It's just tapping though which soon gets a bit boring. Keeps my mind off stuff in the evening though.

  17. When she was explaining, was anyone else looking at the picture on the side that she was coloring and was like that looks like a young Taylor Swift

  18. I'll be honest, I love Happy Color because I struggle with color theory and it has really helped me to develop a better understanding.

  19. one of my favorite apps is Pixel Art (with a pixel rainbow chameleon)
    you get a piece that is color by number, unlike most pixel art apps, you can color outside the correct squares, but it does keep the number so u can see which u got wrong, and it dulls teh color a bit. The best part, its free, you can remove ads if you wanted, but basically all of it is accessible without paying

  20. Recolor used to be great but it became so money hungry. I used to find it so relaxing. I found a forum with so many issues people had on there including bullying and adults using it to talk to little kids. So it's unfortunate. Also some only let you upload a certain amount of free drawings to colour.

  21. When I had an iPhone, I had a decent coloring app, but when I switched to an android phone, that app wasn't available to me anymore.
    I have tried so many coloring apps for Android, they were all disappointing for lacking any brush control… I'd given up on finding a good one, so I really appreciate you going through so many to find the good ones!
    Also, grateful you could expose the copycats with shady "free trials" – to me, that qualifies as a scam due to the misrepresentation. I feel you protected a lot of people by showing that.

  22. Why am I soo attracted to these artists 🎨 thumbnails? 🤣😂💕💙💖 don't know which to watch first!🥰😍

  23. since android doesnt have the Pigment app, what i like to do is go to google and search for some colouring pages whether their simple or not, and then open up Ibispaint, (ibispaint is a very good freemuim drawing app with 100+ brushes, tools, and so much more, for android and ios artists)

    then in ibispaint, import the colouring page, and proceed to use the ibispaint app itself as a colouring app 🙂

  24. Yes…everybody wants your money! I hope you were able to get out of all of those apps! Wow! That was so fun. I had to watch again! I think I would enjoy one of these apps, but choosing the right one could be really hard. Thanks again, Sarah!

  25. There’s no such thing as a good coloring app. All of them are just the flood game that used to be on DVD extras. How anyone finds this entertaining when we used to complain about this being on DVDs I don’t know.

  26. I am officially abandoning the notion that Sara's and Sarah's can't get along. cheers and happy Christmas ❤️
    (sorry. forgot to mention I'm Sara, too)


  28. Could you also do a video on all the coloring apps that do color by numbers? (I personally like the ones that use squares like Sandbox. The one that has a heart made out of squares.)
    Edit: The apps have "Pixel" in their name.

  29. 💖AddieCakes💖 #Stopanimaltesting! says:

    This is so cool! You earned yourself a new sub! I love this!

  30. Is are the pigment apps no longer available 🤔

  31. 1:31 I cannot tell you how much my mom is in LOVE with that games, originally she just saw it as an add and downloaded it like what she does to every app and then I found it played with it and then she tried it since then everytime she has some free time she plays with the app

  32. It's been about 3 weeks, unsubscribe to the apps!

  33. I love this! I’ve used Lake because it feels like a personal experience, mindfulness focus is my favorite!

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