I Subscribed to EVERY Adult Coloring App to find the Ultimate BEST Digital Coloring App!

I reviewed EVERY Adult Coloring App I could find for the iPad on the App Store, and subscribed to every trial and subscription available, with the goal to find the BEST Digital Coloring App for Adults…

And I did!

I ended up with 100 digital coloring apps, all claiming to be made for “adults” (some were definitely not), and many charging ridiculous subscription prices for the features they offered. I was even scammed by a few apps, and caught out some copycats!

But after hours of filtering through *not so great* apps, I also found some amazing coloring apps with great features, and spent about an hour in each, seeing just how far I could take their tools to create digital art.


The 12 ‘finalist’ apps were Pigment, Recolor, Chroma, Marvel Color Your Own, Colorfly, Colorfy, Lake: Coloring Books & Journal, Adult Coloring Book Color Page, Tayasui Color, Calmeleon, InColor and Color Pop.

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Note: I am not associated with any of the apps included in this video at the time of this review.
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  1. I think someone needs to fix the captions because it looks like it got thrown at the beginning for a few seconds before disappearing. And from the large text I managed to see, it probably had all of it when it should have been sorted out throughout the video.

  2. Heyyyy is it just me or yall cant find the colour fly app either help me out plz

  3. Use penup and i bis . ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 😅

  4. For those interested in color by number, I’ve found “Gallery: Coloring Book and Decor” to be a solid one. It is, as the name implies, more of a gamefied version, with a level system and a home decorating plot. For someone who is just looking to find numbers and click them, it’s got a ton of free pages available to color, and is constantly running events with even more pages being added

  5. I import coloring pages into procreate and color it like that 😂

  6. if someone knows about any coloring app by number that allows to color manually tell me please 🙁

  7. Can we appreciate how annoying any bots are

  8. are there any apps that use landscape for coloring.

  9. Okay if digital "coloring" is your thing, go do you, boo-boo, I'm not trying to stop you (not you, Sarah, I mean people in general 😊). But for me, creating art means putting a medium down on a substrate and blending it myself, not picking through pixels on a screen. There's zero satisfaction for me, even in Procreate. I've tried. I understand that some people love it, and I also get that it's easier for people who have trouble with their fingers and hands, but in my opinion it's not really legitimate. I'm sure I'll catch a lot of grief for this but it's my opinion, and I'm pretty sure my late art professors would agree.

    I do think they're helpful in teaching color theory. Maybe.

  10. I didn't try as many apps as you did, but I tried quite a few when I first got my iPad. Most of them didn't allow for much creativity or individuality when it came to coloring. I ended up settling on Pigment. With the yearly subscription, it's relatively inexpensive and there are so many coloring pages to choose from. I found it to be the most versatile, allowing me to be as creative as I want to be. I love coloring the grayscale images, as well, which I haven't even tried in an actual coloring book yet. I love the different brushes and the fact that Pigment has a YouTube channel with lots of tutorials for digital coloring that has allowed me to learn some really cool techniques.

  11. These ripoff apps stressed the crap out of me! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
    I wish the AppStore allowed for better feedback about unethical practices, like stolen intellectual property, or trials that charge you immediately, rather than merely subjective opinions about whether an app is good or bad.

  12. I think it would be interesting if you choose one picture from the digital coring book and colour it using the app and then colouring the same picture using coloured pencils

  13. how did you get the free version of the lake coloring app? I’m obsessed with the bunny style the artist has!

  14. great video! 💗 also have you ever tried the 'Prismacolor Scholar' pencils? i was wondering if theyre a good option for a more affordable price

  15. I will colour in colouring book. Subscription is far more expensive.

  16. Hey Sarah can you make a Christmas themed drawing competition.

  17. The look on your face at 1:27 and the slight slam of the Sharpie! 🤣

  18. Some are quite expensive . Never really like them .

  19. Sarah I use this app all the time the 2nd one you showed after the kid one its actually really good after a wile its easier with the pencil. I actually like it as u play more one thing that sucks is u need internet.
    unless you are working on one you can work on it off internet

  20. This is the video we needed … god bless you

  21. You are like jazza girl version 😅 but but you have whole different art insterests 😍

  22. Lake has been my go-to coloring app for quite a while now. And the colors aren't always muted, you can change that quite a bit.

  23. Great video, Sarah. Thank you for taking the time for going through all those apps. Those subs add up very quickly and some pictures are not that inspiring for me to color. The only one that I really liked was the Recolor app you’ve featured. It’s a fun app, love the gradient fill colors. I’ve actually posted some of the pages I did on my Instagram. Made me feel like a real artist for a bit. Thanks again for the vid. Hope you’ve cancelled the memberships on them. ☺️

  24. Time to ditch that color-by-number app for sure!

  25. I used to use pixelart coloring app, now i uses happy color and coloring book. thanks for adding a few more to my collections

  26. I have a whole folder on my phone of coloring apps LoL I'm slightly addicted 🤪😅

  27. the only apps i used are happy colour (mainly because of disney & marvel colouring) & coloring book (this app have alot of world famous paintings) although both apps are colouring by number, but i enjoy it alot!! 🙂

  28. I enjoyed your video, but I didn't got the names of your favorite aps

  29. This is why I don't like downloading apps… subs and most of them are wonky copy paste things or have stolen line art. I just hate not know what ones are real app… or just some sham to spam adverts. Some artist should make a coloring book app that works with out ads and should be free… but that's little dumb to ask but eh. I'm just tried of apps wanting u to insert credit cards or shove ads. Idk I'm just ranting.

  30. I like the color by number apps like: Tap Color, Paint by Number and Bible Coloring.

  31. I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra and it comes with a coloring/drawing app called PenUp. I don't know about the tablets. I love the app but I would like to upgrade (?) to an actual tablet and procreate someday.

  32. You have sooooo much patience lol 😂 “how are you feeling?”



  33. I use “Recolor”, but since I have started colouring in with paper and colouring pencils, I use the app less and less. I love the tactile effect of pencils and paper.

  34. I love the Recolor and Pigment apps

  35. Oh dear god, what a task! Thank you 🥰

  36. Hi Sarah, thank you for such an interesting video. It is really helpful because I am thinking of giving my niece a subscription to one of the coloring digital app as a Christmas present. Now I can get her to try out Pigment and some of your favorites but not all 12 because I might not remember to cancel prior being charged. Just a quick question for you though if you don't mind, does any of these app have the options for users to print out the actual page prior and after coloring it? Because I know that she would like to print out her completed works and show to her friends or print out the page and color it with pencils for times when she hit her "allowance" screen time?

  37. Thanks for all that work! I had become a bit frustrated and bored with the few colouring apps that I tried, I thought it was just me having too much expectations!

  38. Thanks Sarah! I Just bought my iPad pro and searching for great apps like these. I have procreate but have to learn from the start.

  39. This is my favourite channel I've ever discovered from a collab

    And I hope you've remembered to unsubscribbe from all those app

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