Is This the Most Intricate Adult Coloring Book EVER? (Kerby Rosanes)

Kerby Rosanes creates some beautiful adult coloring books, and yet I’ve never colored one in until today!

I’m coloring Worlds Within Worlds – an ambitious coloring book full of intricate details and beautiful pictures. This is possibly the most detailed coloring book I’ve ever seen!

This page took 5.5 hours to complete. I’ve listed my supplies below, along with a link to the book. Enjoy!

I’ve colored another page from this book!
Other Coloring Book Videos:
Using Derwent Inktense for the First Time:

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored, however I received the Derwent Chromaflow pencils and Artistro paint pens for free from the respective companies. Kerby Rosanes was not aware of or affiliated with this video. These links below are affiliate links, so I may receive a commission if you click, at no extra cost to you.

@Kerby Rosanes’ coloring book, Worlds Within Worlds:
The Color Catalog:
Derwent Inktense Pencils:
Derwent Chromaflow Pencils:
Artistro Fine-Point Paint Pens:

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  1. Beautiful! Inktense pencils are technically not watercolor pencils; they are ink based and once dry cannot be reactivated. I am curious to know if the alcohol based blending pen you used also works with watercolored pencils which, I guess, are pigment based like normal watercolors are. Maybe next give that a try and let us know.

  2. Hi sarah ,
    I am from India and I have been following you since 2020 and i loved your videos .
    If you want to try out watercolor pencils , i would like to see you trying out the Brustro watercolor pencils which are available on Amazon, I personally love the brustro watercolor pencils and they are super inexpensive and yet high quality.

  3. I have almost all of Kerby Rosanes' books and have been coloring on them for years. I just finished a page from Geomorphia. This week maybe I'll try to do this page. Love this video! Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah! More power!♥️

  4. Watching you color this in was amazing. I didn't know about using an alcohol marker for watercolor pencils and now I'll have to try that, thank you 🙂 Would you ever do any videos about how you make your coloring pages? Going from designs to drawing and putting them together? Also, congrats you're so close to 100K I can't wait for you to get there

  5. This is gorgeous! I love watching you color!! I find all your little tips, encouragement, and realness, so lovely 💜 id love to see paint pen comparison.

  6. Your channel is one of the only ones I subscribed to last year – wishing you a successful 2022!

  7. Thanks, Sarah for doing this, it has given me the inspiration to pick up my 72 set of Inktense again and I have an entire box of alcohol blenders I packed away because I decided I didn't like markers ruining my books. I have an idea, since you wanted to do more watercolors, how about starting with Neocolour 2's? They are water-soluble and very popular in our community and I would love to see more coloring tutorials on how to do backgrounds and larger elements with them.

  8. What was the alcohol blender pen you are using? I notice it isn't in the resources used.

  9. Wow. For context I'm a watercolor and ink artist. I love using alcohol markers for my art work but never for coloring books. Then I find out they blend colored pencils. Now they blend inktense pencils. And I've had a 4 pack of arteza blenders just sitting for ages. This channel is FULL of amazing tips. This one is life changing. And the blender pen gives much more control than waterbrush. OMG and I JUST had the Chromaflow 24 pack delivered today. This video was made for me.

  10. YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO 100K!!! I'm SOOO hype for you!! Very very well deserved! The countdown is on!!!

  11. Love this! Really beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing 😍

  12. Would love to see you collaring more in this book!! I love his style! I already have one that's called "mythomorphia" and haven't coloured in it yet, since I stopped colouring a while ago (because of tendonitis), but seeing this and how good it looked without having to color too much and too hard, makes me wanting to start again😁 so THANK YOU❤
    Hugs from Norway
    BTW I'm so happy you collaborated with ADC Art attack, that's how I found you🤩

  13. Omg I have 3 of these books they are amazing Love how your turned out

  14. I believe I have an artist loft coloured pencil blender marker that’s not water based.

  15. What is your best recommendation upgrade from someone that wants to upgrade from crayola?

  16. This is so dope!! Those pencils with paint pens made it so realistic and beautiful!!🤩⚡

  17. Thank you ….I have had a great time following this tutorial and using my intense pencils for the first time with a blender it’s a revelation!

  18. That came out amazing! I really wanna see the boot now! 😅

  19. very beautiful. I'm working on the page with the glass with the pinquin in it.

  20. This is stunning!!!! I’d NEVER have thought to use the colorless blender to activate the pencils!!! I love it and will need to add this book to my collection!!

  21. I really appreciate that’s you are coloring adult coloring books. As your older videos have been helpful, I’ve been waiting for you just to color. I would love a #short as an instruction of what’s coming, including what pencils, markers, etc you’ll be using.

  22. Love Kerby Rosanes. I have a number of his books with pages marked out for future coloring projects. 🙂

  23. Wow! This is amazing! It reminds me of a more gorgeous "The Rainbow Fish" (childrens book). I loved how packed this video is with tips and tricks! Entertainment with learning intertwined is the best way to do things! I have an adult coloring book from the same author/artist. This inspires me to break out that book! Thanks, Sarah, for inspiring me with every video you put out!

  24. I love Kirby books but the double page pictures would be better if they were fold out pages instead of having the spine of the book in the way. But they are awesome pictures. I have all of the collection

  25. bonjour… merci pour vos conseil, des choses que j avais oblié .merci

  26. ces vraiment cool et sa fait different avec l encre avec tes crayons de couleur, j aime beaucoup.

  27. Would love to see you give Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils a try, they are my fave watercolour pencils, with the same awesome colour range as the Polychromos. 🙂

  28. I really love these one. I also have the books on my wishlist, for me is better have the picture than drawing since is easier for me just only choose colors.

  29. Im just amazed at how you bring the page to life , I love to colour it keeps me sane when the crazy neighbours are loud, but they never look anything like these ive always loved art all kinds 💗

  30. omg wow… this is amazing… makes me want to get back into artsy colouring again

  31. I love your fishy!

    I Instagramed you a pic of the monkey page I did with gel pens from the same book.

    Love Kerby Rosanes

  32. Sucks that you have to sacrifice one side if you want to use marker… wish they’d make these one sided for marker users. That’s the only thing that stops me from buying coloring books.

  33. I find these kind of books overwhelming and too complicated. They actually give me anxiety but those fish. Man I would buy it just for that. I would be tempted to do them in gouache

  34. I could watch you color pages in this book for hours and hours! It would be great to see you try watercolors!

  35. I love the vibrant and bold color tones here, especially with all that detail.

  36. I just purchased this coloring book. Love your videos!

  37. Absolutely stunning! I found a small box of Derwent Ink tense pencils buried in a drawer that I must have purchased for card making once upon a time. It was great to watch your process and to get some tips. I am really learning such a great deal from your videos and blog. I love your color catalogs as it has helped me to get over my Fear of colors. I have finally learned there really are no mistakes in art! Thanx a bunch 💜

  38. I love his books there pretty my only adult coloring book is Mythomorpia… Have you ever thought of pens?

  39. Looks fantastic! Do you know of they do a digital download?

  40. "There are no mistakes.
    Just happy little accidents."
    — Bob Ross

  41. It’s really lovely. I have a very small set of inktense pencils but after seeing you use them I think maybe my small set is too limited and maybe that’s why I haven’t enjoyed using them as much

  42. I love love Kerby Rosanes colouring books I actually bought most of mine at kmart for $9 each that is a bargain. I am massive fan of intricate colouring books I prefer it over simplicity.

  43. Wow🥰
    Now I want this book (it is on my wishlist🙈)
    And I want to colour a book of his (good thing that I don't have any other books of him🤣)
    Love the video's you make 💜

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