Is This the Most Intricate Adult Coloring Book EVER? (Kerby Rosanes)

Kerby Rosanes creates some beautiful adult coloring books, and yet I’ve never colored one in until today!

I’m coloring Worlds Within Worlds – an ambitious coloring book full of intricate details and beautiful pictures. This is possibly the most detailed coloring book I’ve ever seen!

This page took 5.5 hours to complete. I’ve listed my supplies below, along with a link to the book. Enjoy!

I’ve colored another page from this book!
Other Coloring Book Videos:
Using Derwent Inktense for the First Time:

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored, however I received the Derwent Chromaflow pencils and Artistro paint pens for free from the respective companies. Kerby Rosanes was not aware of or affiliated with this video. These links below are affiliate links, so I may receive a commission if you click, at no extra cost to you.

@Kerby Rosanes’ coloring book, Worlds Within Worlds:
The Color Catalog:
Derwent Inktense Pencils:
Derwent Chromaflow Pencils:
Artistro Fine-Point Paint Pens:

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  1. Looks beautiful! Love the color choices and how you blended in the surfers and other details.

  2. I have his Kaleidomorphia Colouring Book. The detail is amazing! I use Fine Liners but now after this video I try it with my Watercolour pencils. Thank you so much!

  3. Living your mixed media! Thank you.

  4. It looks like mermaid so cute and wonderful🥰💕

  5. Beautiful!! I have a small set of inktense. I need to get them out and play

  6. My Gosh! the colors you choose are amazing!!!!! love it! More! More!😂😀😀💖

  7. This is stunning!! I have sooooo many colouring books that I haven't touched because I want to learn to colour like a pro… the alcohol ink pen was like magic on the pencil colours!!

  8. great job sarah
    hey sarah have you sold out of plaaners yet
    ohh and i have emailed myou and kristen has replied she is so nice

  9. This looks amazing! Well done! I am interested in the inktense pencils having used watercolour pencils for some time now love how water brings out the intensity of the colours and its the same here with the alcohol marker. Beautiful

  10. Probably Kerby is my fav colouring book artist

  11. What is the name of the paint pens you used? Are they acrylic or where can I find them? They are awesome…

  12. Gorgeous artworks, kinda reminds me of the way I draw (though I'm surely not as advanced as that) – I tend to be a bit hatch-heavy and lose myself in details, too 😅 I love the colours that you chose, those oranges really pop on those blues and violets 🥰

  13. I love the fish. I would hang it on my bedroom wall. You do a great job.

  14. oh! I have several pure alcohol markers I never know what to do with, since I don't use them in my normal pen colouring process. I've looked at inktense before, perhaps i shall have to give this a try, and layer some polychromo's over the top.

  15. Like most people have said already gorgeous!
    I'm watching this during a thunderstorm in Sydney Australia.
    When you do the other page with the fish on it, us pastel or light colors on it to contrast the page that you've already done in this video.
    Also I'm going to give this a try with my Derwent Artists' pencils & see what the out come of them are, as i've got a Frozen adults coloring book (which I got from Big W).

  16. I’m definitely keen to see you use some water colour pencils with some water

    I own a 36 colour staedtler set but I still haven’t stepped out of my comfort zone and used them with water :/

    Also you’ll love the 120 colour polychromos set and I’m really looking forward to what you can accomplish with those!

  17. Great colours! It turned out great. Would love to see more. 💜

  18. Wow! You are the masterpiece You are the best artist in the world. You don't know how beautiful and gorgeous artist you are!
    Waiting for your pin 😜
    By the way, where do you live and from which country you are?

  19. Amazing! It's so bright. I'll have to try using alcohol markers with watercolour pencils, never knew that was a thing but it makes so much sense. 😊

  20. This is beautiful! I've been using a colorless blender alcohol marker on all color pencils and it's freaking amazing! I use it with my regular Prismacolor and even Crayola pencils. I definitely recommend trying it on any of your pencils, not just the Inktense!

  21. This is great! I color adult books only and the intricate lines usually just has me reaching for a fine tip marker and not bothering with blending as much…I think I get too caught up in using the artist's linework as a hard and fast rule as opposed to guidelines.

  22. Please try Faber Castell Albrecht durer pencils. And this btw turned out amazing.

  23. The blue and black background makes it look like the fish is swimming through space, which a really cool vibe.

  24. Stunning! You are amazing! 😍 Please, more! 🥰💐
    Greetings from Austria 💗

  25. Gorgeous and yea I was pleasantly surprised at how well the alcohol marker activated these!

  26. It's your artwork! There's no time limit if your having a fun time! 🥰 this is a gorgeous piece. This may be my next coloring book purchase. Thanks Sarah!

  27. So beautiful! Love your coloring videos and would love to see some watercolor ones! It’s a medium I would love to get into and you always do such thorough tutorials and fun pages I think it would take some intimidation away!

  28. Aaaah, this is the same sort of lovely reaction I want from people who get my adult coloring pages. I love drawing details, and it's for this exact reason – you find something new in the design each time. I can only hope that someone out there has the same fun afternoon coloring what I draw in the same way. <3

  29. Wow soo beautiful, would love to see more coloring of the same book.

  30. I do love my inktense pencils but they are very much not representative of watercolour pencils.

  31. Amazing work as always, I really like the colour choices.
    I have this book but haven't started it yet, I can never choose which page to start first. I have been colouring in Mythomorphia which is another great book by Kerby. I also bought a small set of inktense pencils recently and have really enjoyed using them. I am new to watercolours and find the inktense easy to use as a beginner and good as a base for adding pencils on top. It really speeds up the colouring process. I think I will have to get this book out again and finally start a page.

  32. I am new to coloring and so enjoyed watching your process

  33. Ok so I'm only 1:21 in but I feel like if you were to colour the fish picture, colouring the bodies orange, then blend their fins through orange, yellow, green then to the blue of the water, it would look absolutely amazing.

    I said where I am in the video because for all I know you did just that. It doesn't help that I'm on my phone with the backlight pretty low so I could barely see the thumbnail either. Lol.

    Edit: Oooh and you could do the other fish it's oposite colours!! So where the one fish is orange, that one would be blue, etc.

  34. For people who don't have a colourless blender, or don't want to use their colourless blender: try a paintbrush with isopropyl alcohol. It's the same thing and it shouldn't ruin a paintbrush. Use a cheaper one just in case though.

  35. Wow that is soo very cool and has so much detail! I hope that you and your family are doing well, still praying y'all.

  36. Wow ! Amazing artwork and colours !!! Thanks so much !

  37. Please make review on brustro colour pencils and don't get watercolour based one get normal one because the normal one are wax based and please make a video.

  38. Really enjoyed this and it makes me want to add some paint markers to my small beginner collection

  39. Howdy and happy day!!! What a nice page!! Only 5.5 hours??? Wow!!! You took advantage of every minute!! It looks great. I was betting you might break out the ranger distressed inks. I’m glad I was wrong! Those inktense are truly a great medium more so, I think, with the alcohol marker hack. The water brush pens are very difficult to control when applying the inktense, for me.
    I was also interested about your commentary of the derwent pencils. I really like the chromaflow personally tho I realize now I have had some trouble with their pigmentations.
    Lovely coloring as usual, thank you all, and chipper cheerios!!! 😁

  40. The result is absolutly STUNNING !!
    May I give a try to these Inktense pencils 🤔😄

  41. hi Sarah 🥰 hope you are doing well and glad to see you again we have really missed you 🥰

  42. Wow! Amazing art. Would love to see a compare and contrast of paint pens as I'm very into them right now too.

  43. For the life of me, I never thought to use an alcohol marker colorless blenders with inktense pencils before… It actually blew my mind. I tried it with some swatches and wow it really works. Thank you for the video Sarah.

  44. I have Inktense pencils, and I’m constantly surprised by how they brighten when they get wet. I’m going to try the alcohol blender soon.

  45. I LOVE his coloring books! My favorite is mythamorphia!

  46. Have you ever used Albrecht Durer by Faber Castell? They are one of my favorite. Very good in wet and dry technique. As inktense AD become permanent after activation.
    In my country Koh-I-noor Mondeluz are the most popular watercolor pencils. Because of good mix of praise and quality.

  47. I looks so hard and intimidating😰! But you did amazing!!🤩

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