Kid-E-Cats: Draw & Color Games. Free download Android and iOS!

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Such cute kitties! And now you can draw and play with them! Kid-E-Cats presents a new and exciting drawing game for children!
Imagine kids’s delight when they draw these amazing kitties – Candy, Cookie and Pudding from Kid-E-Cats. And that’s not all! After you’ve drawn them the kitties come alive, and you can play with them!
Not only is this game a true delight for children, but it also gives them the opportunity to develop their creativeness. Players can choose from any one of the wide range of colors that we provide with the game. In addition they can apply any of the numerous textures that we supply. Drawing and coloring helps develop kids minor motor skills, coordination and creativeness, all of which are very useful for early child development.
The game process is intuitive and child-friendly:
1. Choose a picture to draw and color in.
2. Create the picture by choosing colors and palettes and following simple traces!
3. And hey presto! As if by magic your cute masterpiece comes alive – time to have fun and play with it!
There are 10 pictures to draw and play with in this app! And there’ll be more coming on a regular basis.
And that’s not all! There’s:
* Lots of interactive animated objects in the drawing background – a whole world to enjoy!
* An easy to use, creative, and child-friendly interface!
* A fun and captivating design made with kids in mind!
* More animals and everyday objects coming on a regular basis!
* This app does not contain any advertising and does not collect any data, so it is absolutely safe for kids!
Download this app for free and let you enjoy drawing as never before!

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