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Learning the colors for kids comes at a certain stage and it comes in different ways and is delivered through different lessons. One of the different ways used by parents and teachers to teach the kids the colors is letting them guess the colors of some real objects and things around them.

In this educational video, teaching kids about the different colors happen through showing them pictures for different types of fruits, trees and other objects in black and white pictures and then asking them to guess the colors of these things. This is one good educational way because it will not only examine the colors that the kids know, but will also examine their knowledge about the real objects around them.

Do your kids know the color of the strawberry? Do they know the color of the banana? Do they know the color of the blueberry and the cherry? These are all different examples which parents and teachers could depend on if they are thinking about some examples related to teaching their kids the colors.

We have other different methods which parents could use if they have reached the part where they are supposed to teach their kids the names of the colors. This could happen through teaching them about the shapes and bring those shapes in colors to make the lesson more useful and educating (), teach them about the colors and their names in general at first before moving forward and teach them the colors differently though other methods () and parents could also play games with their kids and let them match the colors names with the shapes in those colors ().

Toddlers and kids in general should be engaged with the colors and with knowing their names and this will always depend on the parents and how much they are keeping themselves engaged in the world of colors. If you are homeschooling your kid, you should always know that you are the main source of learning and you are the one who they learn about the colors from.

Choosing the method or the technique is one of the most important things to start this teaching lesson with, it could be a game of guessing the color of a specific object or thing which the kids are familiar with, it could be matching the colors written in front of them with the objects that each color is related to, it could be a song to sing along with the kids, it could be saying the color and letting them point to it on anything around them, etc. There are lots of games which parents and teachers could depend on in order to teach the toddlers and the kids the different colors found out there.

The lessons of colors could be mixed up with other lessons, kids could learn about the colors along with learning about the numbers for example, it could be a lesson of teaching the kids the colors and at the same time teaching them more about the shapes, and it could be even a lesson to teach them the English alphabet while at the same time showing them each letter in a different color to give them a lesson about colors as well.

Did your kids get this lesson about the different colors that are found in the dictionary out there? Let’s test them and examine their memory. We will mention some colors and you will need to pay attention to what your kids will point at to define this color, and send us later informing us with the number of correct answers they got!

Where is the orange color?
Where is the pink color?
Where is the purple color?
Where is the black color?
Where is the brown color?
Where is the white color?
Where is the red color?

Now let them give you other examples about the things found in the real world that are created in each of these different colors, let us see how they could actually manage to link colors to the real things and objects around them.

Enjoy watching this video about the different colors that are found out there with your kids, let them learn something new, and keep us updated with your feedback that will tell us how good this video turned out to be for your kids. Let’s play about the colors for some time!

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