Matt sees the Game Boy Color for the first time


  1. Okay bro as a 90s kid I was not that enthusiastic to see gameboy games in color I was a Lil bit curious but not Nutting my pants just the thought of seeing gameboy in color. Plus no offense you made my ear drums bleed

  2. “You see how it’s black
    That means the graphics gonna be in color

  3. When you’re realizing put original game boy games in Game Boy color OH MY GOD

  4. I had that exact Gameboy when I was a kid. I had gotten pokemon silver for my first game

  5. Hey booooooooooooooooooobyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. Bro's voice is so annoying but the content is actually not bad

  7. Them saying it has color and I see no color?

  8. kirby balls at your local target store says:

    I had a gba, and my friend, who loved art, painted a really cool alligator and I still have it… somewhere

  9. I remember being Blown away by Super Mario Deluxe with all them colors

  10. That “Hey Boooooobby” will never get old

    Edit: I liked my own comment

  11. I remember riding the school bus and the kid I sat with let me play his brother's Gameboy color with Pokémon silver. I was blown away and jealous and hooked and wanted one. Unfortunately I didn't get a Gameboy till the advance came out.

  12. This guy annoys the shit outta me, he’s definitely autistic or something

  13. To be honest never had a Original gameboy portable before. But I do have some original gameboy games works backwards compatibility on my GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance SP.

    Gameboy color is my favorite childhood brought for my birthday.

  14. Ngl was there even color kinda looked like black really 😂

  15. Stop yelling and get a better mic, but your stuff is pretty funny

  16. Did anyone else notice his eyes lit up and grew when he said Bobby

  17. everything was good and all till you brought your gameboy color to class….

  18. Bro was literally living in black and white until then😂

  19. So the black and white to a color was the amazing advancements back then, what would be an amazing advancement for today's gaming for maybe a non vr route? Are games non vr already as advanced as they can get? Is vr the actual next step?

  20. Did he just had an voicecrack in the sentence ,,ill be right over"

  21. "Oh my god! Did you see that?!"

    Me: Sorta…but, oh my god! 😀

  22. Do the trick where u can change color on the grey cartridge

  23. Question: how did the wii u confuse people but the game boy color was fine

  24. Pov another kid comes in "why are you guys screaming!" 😂

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