Matt sees the Game Boy Color for the first time


  1. Bro please learn audio levels. Ur yelling in the mic totally distorts the audio. If you yell don't be right next to the mic. Btw I'm not claiming to be a pro but I just know you cannot just yell on mic lol

  2. Not with GBC but I remerber back in the day I hear from my cousin a boy who lives in her building got a mobile phone in color.

    First I did not believe her because she always did lie like that, but later when I saw the boy and asked about it my reaction was kinda like in the video.

  3. Ah yes the old days, but I wasn't born in the old days 🤔🤔

  4. Now in these days

    Video game turned up to max graphics 4k 120fps

    "These graphics suck"

  5. I never related to any of these idk if I’m just too young or a loser

  6. You seriously have to upgrade your microphone

  7. If u press all buttons at the start very fast u can switch the Color mode

  8. Imagine being Colour blind u have a GameBoy and then for your birthday you get a GameBoy color

  9. The game boy colour is not as good as the gameboy advance sp

  10. Well I got my sisters normal Mario Gameboy game & when I put it in my Gameboy color that Mario game was like puff in color

  11. Finally some quality content 😂👍 I still play my gbc

  12. Gaming was so cool back then because the game boy was only like 30 or 40 but stuff now is 100 or 500

  13. In 20 years will be the same with the PS five

  14. Everytime I watch your videos I need to go to the hospital because I almost go deaf everytime.

  15. I don't understand why he yells all the time

  16. The gba is good for it's time even now

  17. Nah Foreal, I was still young and I remember

  18. Wished companies still made handheld like these, I'm not personally a fan of the switch but loved the Gameboy, ds, and the psp growing up

  19. i still love the old gadgets bc it looks interesting lol

  20. Their mic for the vid sounds old which is perfect for these vids

  21. I like these shorts but your just a bit to loud


  23. i still have mine, in-box factory sealed… do you know how hard it was for my 10year old self to listen to a grown up and say not to open it because it might be worth more some day!

  24. I have a game boy Color too and yet probably nobody asked

  25. Man I felt liek that when my brother got the ps4 when we were still playing Mario kart Wii

  26. I love how enthusiastic you are making your content

  27. I'm sorry but this dude looks like he wants to take my unborn child

  28. This dudes whole channel is a midlife crisis.

  29. And remember the gadget that lights up the screen so you can play in the dark? Also makes the screen bigger

  30. I remember when I got my game boy color. My mom left it in the trunk of the car and for four months I would turn it on and off just to hear the little ding. Because I had no games yet

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