Matt sees the Game Boy Color for the first time


  1. Hey not to be mean but it is 1988 the gb was not out yet

  2. Am i the only one that finds it ironic that a COLOURED game is black which is literally the absence of colour?

  3. it really was 10x better than the original though

  4. Now kids are angry you got them the wrong iPhone 😂

  5. I remember playing the genesis and going to a parent's friend's house and playing their GameCube and being in absolute awe seeing sonic adventure 2

  6. Tetris DX is my favorite game boy game

  7. third like and this was my three minutes ago

  8. Yeah some of my friends had a game gear so i wasn't all that Impressed by the game boy color

  9. I was a 90s kid but I appreciate your channel a lot! It’s so fun!

  10. Ngl it was my first game console I have in 2016 now I have new gameboy

  11. No hate to this guy, from the few shorts I've seen, his videos are pretty good, and quite funny, however, I just wanna bring this up. Part of the reason people hate JellyBean is because she's "very loud", and I get being annoyed at somebody who's being loud, but people talk about it with JellyBean as if they've never heard anything louder than her before. Yet this guy (even though his content is very good, like I said) can be as loud as he wants, and get no hate from it? Yeah this just shows that hating JellyBean is just a trend for these people, and they're being quite hypocritical tbh.

    (Also no, I'm not a JellyBean "stan")

  12. Crazy to see how far things have come and we still complain. Lol

  13. Sad i missed out on the gameboy and gsmeboy color I started at the GDA

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