Over 200 Free Adult Coloring Pages and Where to Find Them

Insta: sassy_coloring_

Johanna Basford:
Jade Summer:
Selina Fenech:
Coloring Book Cafe:
Deborah Muller:


  1. Hi Sassy, I truly appreciate your introduction to finding coloring templates. The question I have for you is… can we legally use these pages in a color book for selling purposes? How do you find free templates for this purpose?

  2. Thank You for taking the time to make this video! I knew about a few of theses but not all do thank you! I love to purchase books but when it comes to my children PDFs are great! 😊👍🏾

  3. Ty I think I have some of them some I don't ty again.

  4. This is amazing!! Thanks you so much for putting this together I had no idea there soooo many!! 💜

  5. This is wonderful. You’re very creative with your videos. I appreciate the time you spend pulling this kind of stuff together. Try Sarah Renae Clark. She has a bunch of free materials as well and it’s great stuff!

  6. Wow you are amazing for putting this together!

  7. THANKS for sharing these! ~💜Cathy😺

  8. Can I use your book in Amazon kdp without problem

  9. Honestly not too interested into most of these colouring books (except for a few) but you’re voice is really calming, so I am here 🙂

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