Playing Game Boy Color Games On a Non-GBC

Just showing off what happens if you try to play a Game Boy Color cartridge on a non-GBC, such as the Game Boy Pocket.


  1. The GBC games with clear shells will not work on the original Game Boy. The ones with black shells will, such as the Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, Beauty and the Beast: A Board Game Adventure, A Bug's Life, Conker's Pocket Tales, the remake of Looney Tunes (1992), Mary Kate and Ashley: Get a Clue!, and Toy Story 2.

  2. Fun fact: Pokemon Puzzle Challenge has a secret Panel de Pon mode if you press A 24x (until you hear a chime) and then B the same amount of times (until you also hear a chime). This being accessible on the GBC-only screen. You can also access it on a GBC by using a specific button combination. (I forgot it, I use my SGB too much compared to my GBC)I presume Panel de Pon WAS going to be ported to the Game Boy, but from what I saw it was scrapped.

  3. If you owned an original game boy long enough and used it a lot the little tab on the power switch broke…. so yep you could play them that way and no the cgb cards don't work in the snes adapter it says error

  4. What about GBC games in original GameBoy cases?

  5. If you force pokemon crystal to run on original gameboy ti will show a glitchy opening and will cash when you load a save file or after the professor intro

  6. If the Game Boy Color cartridge is Black, it will work on DMG, Pocket and Light Game Boys.

  7. the abbreviations are like gcn, or nintendo gamecube, so backwards!

  8. I actually want the Lego Alpha Team game. Super Badly!

  9. Fuck get to the point so much fucking talking!

  10. Do Part 2! I hope I will buy Duke Nukem, Perfect Dark, Oddworld Adventures II, Space Invaders (GBC), Test Drive 6, Test Drive Off-Road 3 and Asteroids GBC on ebay. Unlike Nukem or Perfect Dark, Oddworld, SIGBC, Test Drive 6, Test Drive Off-Road 3 and Asteroids work great on a non-GBC!

  11. On super gameboy, sponge Bob is actually colored, just really dull

  12. 5:39, I have that game

    Everyone keeps comparing it to tetris when I personally think of it more like candy crush

  13. You can play this layer by telling MAME to use gameboy or gbpocket as its target. Also, the Japanese version of Lufia on GBC (estpolis_denki_-_yomigaeru_densetsu_(japan).zip) actually has a DMG music track on its compatibility layer! So does the US cart "Lufia: The Legend Returns". I also tested that cart in a Super Gameboy, no colors or borders on it.

  14. Wait up, BIS…
    How did a CARTRIGE know that!?

  15. All clear game boy color games can ONLY be played on game boy color games, Grey game boy games can play on all game boy devices, and the colored I think play on both. Hope I helped a little bit. 😀

  16. Lemmings for the GBC: a terrible port with an uninteresting error message

  17. Instead of making different shaped carts, Nintendo just reused the one for the Game Boy and added Gameboy Color only protection.

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  19. Pokemon gold and silver plays on an original gameboy

  20. Nope, the UK versions of the games and systems use the US spelling (So Color, not Colour).

  21. Some other clear/transparent GBC games have GBC only screens too.

    Mega Man Xtreme 2 (‘aka’ Rockman X2: Soul Eraser)
    Donkey Kong Country
    Donkey Kong Land 3 (Japanese version only)
    Zelda: Oracle Of Ages/Seasons.
    Wendy: Every Witch Way

    The latter three are GBA enhanced games.

  22. For Pokémon Gold & Silver, the only exception is the Korean versions, because Korean text takes more ram to display it, so the Korean versions can only be played on a Game Boy Color just like Crystal.

  23. The face that Spongebob makes when Gary has babies.

  24. Can u play GameBoy colour games on a GameBoy pocket?

  25. Okay, I wouldn't consider the Game Boy Color a separate console than the Game Boy, since it is just a redesigned model of the original 8-bit Game Boy but with a color display and an enhanced processor.

  26. The reason the label is backwards on the first part is because the development name for the gameboy color was color gameboy and same for the gba and on the gamecube the brefix is DOL witch stands for dolphin the gamecubes development name

  27. Similar hardware
    Just completely deny access to the content if you use the older one
    Genius Nintendo, genius.

  28. Thanks for clarifying, now I know why I can't play Cyberpunk 2077

  29. where did you get that cartridge holder and what is it called? I need one lol

  30. I bet this was a part of getting it certified for retail during their QA process

  31. if you clip the switch off the og game boy it plays gbc games in glorious green

  32. The face SpongeBob makes is from a the season 1 episode “Hooky”

  33. Playing them? You're just showing off all the screens…

  34. The "DIS-" prefix was used for demo displays in stores, and is otherwise the same as the retail version. They were added to various "DMG-" (GB and GBC) and "CGB-" (GBC only) games.

  35. learend on Game Boy pocket works playing An Game Boy color engilsh Elsa Anna dos game

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