RAiNBOW PAiNT Hide n Seek!! Adley & Niko play Color Games in Roblox with Dad! escape the stick man!

Don’t get caught by the STICK MAN!!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Sorry to keep you all waiting for our brand new video, but it was worth it AND we are back with another AMAZING G for Gaming video. We are back in Roblox playing a bunch of super fun and kind of scary color games! But before we started, we had a pretty weird and crazy start to our video. Adley and Niko were hiding and then popped out of nowhere to start the video! Adley and Niko went and grabbed Dad to play some Roblox before we had to go to bed. We started with a color race game where we had to all run across a bridge of rainbow squares and make sure that we were standing on the right color so we don’t fall! Adley and Niko tried their best but Dad was too good and kept getting first place. Next up we played color hide and seek! Everyone had to stand on the right color so that the seeker couldn’t tag them and get them out! Navey came down and played color hide and seek with us for a little! Our very first round, the seeker wasn’t even playing! It was like they just fell asleep! So we all won so easy! Then Niko was the seeker! Niko got Adley so fast and then he got Shaun too and almost won the whole round but the last hider got away at the very last second and won. Color hide and seek was a ton of fun but we still had one last game to play for the night, but the twist was… this one was kind of spooky! Adley, Niko and Dad had to escape a scary stickman and paint themselves the right color to get away! There were a bunch of tasks and challenges that we had to complete to escape the stickman! We even got to meet some fans of A for Adley and Best Day Ever in this game and they played with us! One of the hardest challenges for everyone was a crazy obby where we had to jump on GIANT paintbrushes and paint buckets to get to the secret on the other side! Dad was helping Niko get to the other side and Adley and Niko gave him a super funny pep talk to help him win! He finally did it and got the secret paintbrush on the other side! BUT THEN the scary stickman finally got all of us and we lost and we had to go to bed! These color games were the best and we had a blast!

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  1. I love when adley said brightness and the light wasn’t on 😂

  2. That is so scary I don't know how you guys are Not scary all that game And by the way I'm a big fan of you Guys

  3. G for gaming is the best❤btw Im subscribed ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤pls heart my comment

  4. I'd like to please send me a package please

  5. hi i'm taylor and i'm a big fan and adley can we be friends in roblox

  6. Play Allie Nichols, Honduras I can do that too. Sorry.

  7. I like navy said when she said sorry😊❤❤

  8. I love you guys I have been watching you all for 10 years now and you’r family never gets old and I’m about to be 12 years old and I love you all 😊 my dad and shon all dads are the best love you all I have been watching you guys whenadley was sick bye btw my birthday is aug 26

  9. When navey get older like niko age she will have her own account

  10. And happy early birthday girls navey and adley I love when navey say sorry

  11. Hi, I am your biggest fan. I’ll have watched every single video.

  12. 😍😘😘😘😘😘😛😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  13. Niko makes scary noises and I laughed 🤣 😆 😂 💀 😅 😄 🤣

  14. Adley stop hitting your dads face 😒 😑 ❤😂😂😂❤❤❤😂😂😂❤❤❤❤😂

  15. My name I emmi Opachan I live in ladysmith Lelan 1021 I am you're biggest fan and some people say that you give out free merch and

    Hi my name is Emmi Opachan and I am your biggest fan some people say that you give out free March I was wondering if maybe you guys could give me free merch like the package of free March I live in Ladysmith 1021 Leland biggest investor in the mailbox I know I won't get it for a long time but my birthday is very soon and sometimes I wish that you guys are my brother sisters I love you guys

  16. I am 8 years old I've been watching for 3 years I've actually been watching for 4 years can you guys make more the videos and where adley plays with her mom with her barbies and dolls and something weird happens I love when that happens you just never

  17. hi i just added adley and niko on roblox
    i hope u exsep it becaues i want to play with u

  18. Haha i love when niko said "you are the
    Its so sweet!❤ love your vids gforgaming and a for adley

  19. I have been watching all those videos for the for 5 years you are the best🎉❤

  20. Can you please skip the back the eighth foradly school pack?

  21. I love watching your guys videos it’s amazing and I think you guys are the best YouTubers ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Nico is so cute and I played the game before on Roblox

  23. I love you guys so much and what's the game called this game that a guy chases you the sticks guy that you were saying what is the game

  24. @GforGaming😂 makeup review I copied you hehehe I'm sorry😢😮

  25. I'm your biggest fan as a neo-angle about to cry😭

  26. Happily I love you and Niko head dad I've been watching you guys when I was 2 years old❤😢

  27. Hi l played that l didn't escape no likes or heart thing please.

  28. The reason why you’re screen was light that means he is close the stick man I play it before

  29. That was funny when Adley’s dad keep falling😂

  30. I sent you a friend request to adley can you tell to to accept pls I'm a
    big fan

  31. I like how navy says welcome to g for gaming

  32. I just friended Adley and you on your Roblox. I am a fan I don’t have enough roebucks for another accessory’s. I only have a pink a for Adley shirt on.❤😊 and some Nother stuff❤

  33. We had SO MUCH FUN Playing this!! What was your guys favorite part?

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