Ranking Paint By Numbers Apps!

Today I am ranking paint by numbers apps! If you have watched for a while then you know I love paint by numbers. I never knew there were apps for color by numbers until one of you guys told me during a livestream! In this video, I will be reviewing the apps Happy Color, Colorscapes, Coloring Book, Paint By Number, and Pixel Art. What is your favorite paint by numbers app?

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  1. I love when you rank stuff in your vids!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. To fix the ads thing, I normally turn off my wifi so I can color in peace. And when I'm done coloring, I exit the app and then turn the wifi back on. I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Happy color is my favorite I use it all the time my favorite is Mystery and I get a lot of achievements

  4. F I am just going to get the car 🚘 I will

  5. You can also slide your finger in the app where you were coloring the panda

    Since when?

  7. Oh my goodness, it's a magical paintings! I like this one

  8. For the last one if you hold down on your screen for about 3 seconds you can just move your finger around and just colour it in like that so you don’t have to click every one.I think

  9. I like all paint-by-numbers but I also like diamond art

  10. I use unicorn it’s like a pixel color by number! It’s really fun there’s a bomb where you can explode a certain spot and it it colors that area. I would loved to see you do this app! I personally really like, there are a lot of different difficulties! You can take pictures of anything or use one from your photo library! 🦄

  11. I am drawing and painting Andy Williams

  12. If you do it on a iPad that has an Apple Pencil it is a LOT better than a phone.

  13. I want a paint by number that u can hand color it instead of tapping it to color in

  14. I use pixel Art witch is a real fun app color by number game!

  15. We have the same name 😊 so when my bestie watches u I here Audrey and I say what😂

  16. In the last one you played you can hold your finger down and drag to color as well. There is also a feture to take photos of stuff irl and it will turn it into a color by number + you can select the difficulty of the photo

  17. can you do buy every thing your dogs touches you buy ?? pls

  18. Almost 2m! U grew so quick and so fast. You deserve it

  19. No coloring app can compete with happy color 😂

  20. I love this vid bc I have some of those apps and they are so addicting and sometimes stressful😅😅

  21. You should try diamond art it is super fun

  22. On the pixel art if you drag on the squares you can pain more than one at a time

  23. is there an app that has the landscape capability not always portrait.

  24. I use “Happy Color” and I love it!!! ❤

  25. i love happy color ive colored so many pictures over 4 months

  26. I am one staff of paint by numbers, thanks for your love. We are a Chinese company and hope you come to China to play!

  27. I also had forgot to tell you there’s even Diamond paint by numbers too kinda like the Diamond painting in stores and rock painting too I’ve tried Dazzly which is a Diamond painting app which is really cool

  28. I really love your Ranking Paint By Numbers Apps! videos, can you please make a video on a similar mobile game named: Color By Memory: Coloring Book

  29. I love the first one. It has a lot of color by number images with cool effects. I also like Happy Color, but sometimes it crashes on me where I have to start over completely

  30. I have autism, anxiety and depression an when I'm having one those days I use all these apps to help me relax an pull me out the moment

  31. I use paint by numbers apps and one is multiplayer. You can add things to community and get likes. You can also check out other people's accounts. One other thing. You can draw what ever you want and turn a photo into a paint by number photo! The drawings are pixilated but have amazing quality!

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