Scratch Tutorial | How to make a Painting Game in Scratch 3.0| Scratch Extension | Scratch 3.0

Hi Guys,
In this video I will be showing How to make a painting game on scratch 3.0 using Scratch Pen extension, this is a Really Easy and Beginner Friendly Tutorial !!!

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  1. Thanks or your hard work to make this video! It really helped me a lot. I appreciate it. 😁

  2. Project is not working. pen color not changing.

  3. Pointelles but what about part 2: adding a better pallete than selecting circles, adding shape tools, making text and an eraser like a brush than errasing everything

  4. Cool! But how do I make undo and redo button, reshape tool, circle tool and square tool?

  5. 💗𝔹𝕖 ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪💗 says:

    thank you so so much!!

  6. Excellent. Very clear and informative. Well done!

  7. Thank you for uploading this video. It helps me a lot

  8. puedes Aser un dibujo de Silvino Pokémon en Scratch

  9. So there's this game idea I want to make revolving around pens ü

  10. 『benjaminplayz776』 OFICIAL!!! 🎄 says:

    i make world provinces draw

  11. Thanks alout man I really appreciate it and nice tutorial

  12. Thanks a lot for an idea! Excellent explanation!

  13. For an eraser, you can just set the color to white, also, the color picker is much less tedious with clones.

    (in rainbow button sprite)

    When clicked [
    Set {color} to (rainbow)

    (In pen sprite)

    When flag pressed
    set color pen to 0
    Forever {
    if color = rainbow [
    change pen color by 1
    ] }

  14. ဉ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္ဇ္

  15. i already made one (without the video) and it rocks

  16. Reccomendation: You Know You Dont Have To Make A Sprite For Each Colour You Can Use Clones And Costumes.

  17. I dont want go to x 221 y 125 because i hate them

  18. the color picker is much less tedious with clones

  19. 🤬it did not work the only colors i could use is red and black

  20. Why is mine not smooth it just makes dots

  21. thank you for helping me make a Paint 🙂

  22. i already use the same program. But whenever i clicked on my sprite, it just make a dot, not a line like in this video. idk what's wrong with it

  23. i made this but just with less code🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. quick question when finished the blocks for the pen, i couldn't draw when i tried to draw 2 things

  25. I Love THIS Painting game! I dono how you did

  26. Did you using the variable(s)? Why maybe not using the list(s) and variable(s) with pen? And the pen mustun't use from list, or maby can't using with 3D engine with hitboxes. But why isn't?

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