Scratch Tutorial | How to make a Painting Game in Scratch 3.0| Scratch Extension | Scratch 3.0

Hi Guys,
In this video I will be showing How to make a painting game on scratch 3.0 using Scratch Pen extension, this is a Really Easy and Beginner Friendly Tutorial !!!

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  1. Thank you! This was really helpful, I really wanted to know how to make a painting game on Scratch, now I know! Please continue to make more 🙂

  2. im clicking the blue color but it not working just a green pen following blue

  3. Bro Very Nice GJ bro i hope u come with more creative ideas

  4. Why you make reset all you should make erase also.

  5. It worked nice video and I made erase button.

  6. whenever my mouse pointer touches it fully it disappears

  7. Hi, im having a problem with the colors dissapearing

  8. Amazing! I followed your instructions, and get the thing i wanted to mske! Thanks for the video again and again

  9. thanks for sharing this it really help me a lot!

  10. hey because it works you're cool do your best on youtube

  11. i made 1 in 3 hours but it had a pop up menu and 42 colors and you can delete tiny sections cause white is a color

  12. it doesn't work it does not change colour

  13. Thank you so much I am just a beginner in scratch who wanted to make a painter game so much

  14. Thanks for helping me (I am almost done)

  15. thank you so much i always wanted to make a game like this💯


  17. Thank u soooo much really simple and helpful!

  18. i have a question where did you get the size block from im goin in variables but cant find it
    pls help

  19. Hi have a doubt
    Let's say you made a minor mistake while drawing and you only want to erase that part but you can't since when you click on the erase button It erases everything and you got to do the whole thing again!
    since because of that I would like to give ⭐⭐⭐⭐ still it helped me a lot thank you

  20. This is good but when I tried it I put the colour code and everything but when I did the red one I got red but when I clicked orange I only got red pls tell me if I had any mistake

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