Scratch Tutorial | How to make a Painting Game in Scratch 3.0| Scratch Extension | Scratch 3.0

Hi Guys,
In this video I will be showing How to make a painting game on scratch 3.0 using Scratch Pen extension, this is a Really Easy and Beginner Friendly Tutorial !!!

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  1. you cant put this "when this sprite clicked" using "if <touching mouse-pointer ?> then [block] else [block]" put " if " on top. put "if <mouse down ?> then [wait until <not<mouse down ?>] if <touching mouse-pointer> then [block]" done. (tutorial)

  2. Nice!!It literally helped me draw bbq chicken

  3. you could use white for an eraser

  4. this is the best video, it helped me so much

  5. im even more colors and have erase and clear and my code is complex

  6. Remember to keep uploading but pls change the background song 💀

  7. That vel on scratch what exactly does it mean?
    Btw good vid

  8. I Think I Found One Problem, When A Sprite Is Clicked, Drawings Appear Behind The Button


  10. bro help it draws when im not clicking i mean it draws everytime and doesnt stoop

  11. your are best i try it it works you are super guys pls see this video and try it guys he is super

  12. you don't stop your videos pls don't stop

  13. thanks when i did it with myself i failed and this video helped, thanks!

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