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Hello guys, today we will learn the names of some shapes with you first. The shapes you see in the video are; oval, semicircle, circle, pentagram, triangle, hexagonal square. We are confident that you can learn the names of these shapes very quickly. These shapes are the ones that you can play very fun games. First of all, we make sure that we load the shapes into our boxes correctly. Then we hit the shapes with the hammer. And yes, all the shapes we put right come down smoothly. We are doing a really successful job. After hitting all the shapes from the board by hitting them down, we get through the learning phase in the most accurate way. Good for us.
Now we can move on to the second stage. In the second stage, we fix our paper on our table where we will paint with small tapes in order to paint easily. For this, we can get help from one of our elders. After this stage, we come to the most exciting and fun part. All we need in this part is paints … Painting is the most fun activity and the shapes we paint are oval, semicircle, circle, pentagram, triangle, hexagonal square shapes we just learned. Having just learned these shapes, it will be quite fun to paint now. Especially Akn Kids House paints are great for this job. We select 8 different colors for 8 different shapes. The colors we choose are red for semicircle, orange for square, green for plus, yellow for round, blue for a triangle, purple for the pentagon, pink for oval, and brown for the hexagon. Now we start painting the shapes respectively.
After painting our first shape red, we put brown dots on it. We paint our square shape first in yellow and then draw oblique lines with a black pencil. We paint green on our third shape and draw round lines with black paint on them. In our 4th shape, we paint the circle yellow and draw wavy lines with black color. Now we got to the bottom line. In our first shape, we paint the triangle in blue color and draw horizontal lines with black paint on it. In our second shape, we paint the pentagon in pink and draw wavy lines on it. In our third shape, we paint the oval purple first and then put black dots on it. Finally, we paint our hexagonal shape brown and draw tiny hearts on it. All of those look awesome.

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