The Apple Watch Now Plays Gameboy Color Games

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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭!!!!! NO TRANS(GENDER)FER!!!! WHU DA HEG!

  2. Proto, how come you never use your discord server? Just wondering

  3. Android wear watches already do this.. hell, they can even do Minecraft

  4. now it only missing super mario bros

  5. I'll Stick with my New 3DS Virtual console PokΓ©mon red,blue,and yellow look pretty good on there.I can see others getting there Gameboy games on there Apple watch who don't want to pull out a DS or Gameboy everytime. And it's on you're wrist and you're good to's just not my thing but to each their own.

  6. well I don't need pokemon games on my watch, I have a 3DS

  7. Do you all known what could be more insane than this . ……..If some how they can fit a DS or a 3DS emulator in their watches. honestly i think that would be the most coolest thing in the world.

  8. yeah ,also I have 3 emulators on my tablet

  9. We already have emulators on phones, so what's so big about this

  10. It's impressive but what a waste of time and resources lol.

  11. Proto, can you do a theory of that guy…… The Magikarp Trainer? The most pointless trainer in the game?

  12. Protomario i think that it's definitely a good concept, however its a bit too late as it has arrived in an era where it has become redundant and obsolete, pretty much any little stone age device (even out dated cell phones) can run gbc games.

  13. Apple was never a big fan to allow emulation so…

  14. i farted in an Apple Store once,
    they kicked me out.

    too bad they didn't have any windows 😏🀘

  15. I'm perfectly fine with my significantly cheaper LCD watch that just tells time and has chronometer function.

  16. Is it awesome is it amazing or is it just silly? Meh, a little bit of it all.

  17. ive been able to do this for a while now with my samsung watch

  18. WHAT IF greninja didn't leave ash to help zygarde

  19. An MP3 player with less hardware ran a fully functional Gameboy emulator.

  20. @PokΓ©mon contest What if Ash's Pikachu listened to ash when ash first gotten Pikachu?

  21. Can someone link me to the screensaver he has on his macbook?

  22. i just don't care, not because it silly or anything. just don't care. not an apple person

  23. I predicted this. just one week ago in class my friend had an Apple watch and we were talking about Pokemon and I said hey wouldn't it be awesome if you could play Pokemon on that

  24. oh my god your channel is dead as fuck.

  25. I'm well enjoy my gba over that anyday. Wonder if any of y'all still have yur old game boys?

  26. But digital watches need to have watch batteries so playing a videogame on a digital watch would increase the speed of the rate that the batteries drain and eventually the digital watch's screen would go blank after the digital watch's battery reaches 0%.

  27. How does this work, is it some app you download? Do you have to have a game boy? Please somebody help me, I want to know if and how I can do this.

  28. The human race faces many problems, like global warming and cancer.
    "Look, I can play Game Boy Color games on my watch!"


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