The WonderSwan Color Project – All 90 WSC Games (US/EU/JP)

Check out all 90 WonderSwan Color games in one video.

The WonderSwan Color is a handheld video game system. It was made by Bandai in 2000. It was a little bigger than the old WonderSwan. It was released in Japan only.


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***This video shows only the games licensed by Bandai***

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  1. WonderSwan Color looks like it was a good little system.

  2. One Piece Grand Battle Swan Colosseum should've been on the GBA instead. It was a really good fighting game, and a good One Piece game.

  3. Valeu pelo vídeo. Infelizmente a biblioteca desse portátil é muito pobre em quantidade e qualidade.

  4. looking at this makes you wonder why did they ever make a black&white handheld first

  5. looking at this makes you wonder why did they ever make a black&white handheld first

  6. looking at this makes you wonder why did they ever make a black&white handheld first

  7. looking at this makes you wonder why did they ever make a black&white handheld first

  8. A biblioteca até me surpreendeu. Vou pegar o fullset. Valeu pelo vídeo!

  9. WS Black & white games can also be playing in wsc?). Btw nice video ✌🏻

  10. wow, a squaresoft rpg card game. looks really interesting but i don't speak japanese

  11. Aaaah Dicing Knight. I loved the game yet I couldn't remember it's name during this whole time. Thanks for the video

  12. Wonderswan color + Game Boy Color + Neo-Geo Pocket Color

  13. If this would have came to the US I would have bought it and played the hell out of those Digimon games!

  14. Vale pelos jogos exclusivos de anime. Pena que boa parte da biblioteca dele tb saiu pra GBA…

  15. Looks like a cool little system. GBA was more powerful. If this was a cheaper option I can see it doing well. It's unfortunate that no handheld can really compete with pokemon.

  16. Interesting. Mostly puzzles, RPGs and card games.

  17. I have the complete roms library for this handheld, I wish I could read Japanese.

  18. The music in Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers and Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer sounds a bit like the MSX Konami SCC chip.

  19. Guilty Gear Petit 2 is amazing, you should really try it in emulator

  20. Actually WS was also introduced in South Korea. A toy company named YOUNG TOYS imported them officially from BANDI. They imported WSC, the original WC and small amount of WS Crystal. And some games were also imported but only the box and the manual was translated.

  21. Both the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color were pretty much Bandai's equivalent of the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Both failed to compete with the Game Boy and pretty much faded into obscurity by the time the Game Boy Advance came out.

  22. I would have loved this thing as a kid. I was really into Final Fantasy and a lot of these animes back then. It's a shame it didn't come to the US. At least the Neo Geo Pocket did and I managed to get a really good deal on it back in the day.

  23. Looks the Wonderswan was pretty similar to the NeoGeoPocket in gameplay and sound. But looks like it had a higher resolution screen.

  24. There is some amazing JRPGS on this system. The Wonderswam even beats the Switch as Romancing saga 1 is STILL to come on the switch despite parts 2 and 3 out. Just plain f*cking lazyness on Square-Enix's part

  25. FF, FF2, Koibitokun, Riviera and SRW are the only ones deserving mention. The Wonderswan suffered of the lack of hardware scrolling, so most of games are licensed tie in simulations with static screens. Others are trimmed down versions of other games. Guilty Gear Petite can be maxed out in 1hr. Still great gadget to own!

  26. It seems like this is kind of a must have for the Digimon fans

  27. the only thing this system would lose to was the pkmn trend but the games on this really questions why tf did i buy a gba

  28. Need all roms in english and multi language, great games need a remastered with a work for all language

  29. The hacker did wonders with that console

  30. I just can’t understand why FF3 was skipped over for the system…
    Seems like such a random decision

  31. So many digimon games. I really wanna play

  32. Some good rpgs and tactical rpgs that still need to be translated.

  33. Wow these games look way better than i thought

  34. I missed this handheld. Gameboy, was the thing in the USA.
    From what I see, this gives the GBA some competition! Sounds, and graphics are tight. I almost want one for now!

  35. 95% rpg's. Many by Squaresoft! Definitely would have bought this in the US.

  36. I mean shit i got a neo geo pocket color back when it came out based on the strong fighting library at the time and price i might add. And during that time the animes thate were represented on the wonderswan? Pluse the fact there was heavy hitters like the final fantasy games? And hot off the heels of tamagotchi, there is no way that this handheld would have out performed even the neo geo pocket color. And even though it wouldnt have taken over the gameboy color at the time, lets face it gundam, one piece, and digimon were huge in the us at the time haha it would have done great back then. It might have even held up for a bit if have not done better. The wonderswan was a rpg power house. Most of which we in the states were already exposed to anyhow. Or at least at the time aching for

  37. Never thought i would see a system where some of the most import friendly looking games are the RPGs…..

  38. It was also sold here in Malaysia, managed to bought it back in the days, good memories

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