Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games Of All Time

We take a look at the 10 best Gameboy Color games of all time. Hopefully this helps all of you modders and Analogue Pocket enthusiasts.
Our Top 50 GBC Games:

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 10. Donkey Kong Country
01:28 9. Tomb Raider: Curse Of The Sword
02:36 8. Pokemon Pinball
03:34 7. Dragon Warrior Monsters
04:53 6. Pokemon Trading Card Game
06:19 5. Super Marios Bros. Deluxe
07:43 4. Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
08:59 3. Kirby Tilt N’ Tumble
10:09 2. Pokemon Gold/Silver
11:23 1. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages


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  1. Warioland 2, pokemon crystal, shantae. Good vid anyway though 👍

  2. God I spent so many hours playing Pokémon pinball!!! This is an incredibly addictive game yet this is one of those games that after I put hours and hours into I was left with a feeling of nothing having been accomplished.

  3. Dragon warriors monsters was such a great game!! I played the hell out of the first and second one

  4. I swear the world is Oracle of Ages is pronounced La-bee-rin-ah and not Lab-rye-nah

  5. Yup. Zelda Oracles win my #1 too. Nothing comes even close to its/their awesomeness. My fav Zelda game. Yes, even OoT and LTTP.

  6. Than you for this video. The transparent cartridges had some very ambitious games for the console. The demakes like DKC or Rayman, the real-time gimmick of Pokemon crystal, the accelerometer in Kirby tilt n tumble, the voice acting in Perfect Dark,…

  7. Pokemon Pinball is my favorite GBC game. Its alot of fun and very good for a simple pinball game. I definetly recommend it. I normally dont like Pinball and Im also not a big Pokemon fan, but I still like Pokemon Pinball

  8. 10. Japanese Pokemon Green
    9. Links Awakening
    8. Tetris
    7. Blue and Red
    6. Super Mario Bros Deluxe
    5. Zelda Oracle of Ages
    4. Dragon Warrior monsters
    3. Pokemon Yellow
    2. Pokemon Gold and Silver
    1. Pokemon Crystal

  9. Nice, finally someone to include Dragon Quest/Warrior Monsters, the best handheld game ever in my opinion. Thanks. 🙂

  10. 7:13 you mean princess toadstool. They didn't change her name to "peach" until a decade after the original super mario bros came out

  11. Wario land 3,should be in the final 3 in my opinion!
    I’m shocked!!!

  12. Uhh where is pokemon red or blue and pokemon yellow?

  13. My gb games would have to be the ones that I played the most as a kid. Pokémon silver, Pokémon soul silver, mega man battle network white advance which I never beat I think, Pokémon tcg, those are the only that o can remember right now even though I know I had more games

  14. Where can I buy these games for my gba collection?

  15. Why is Donkey Kong 1994 not on this list? Best gameboy game of all time.

  16. Gold/Silver/Crystal where good cause you got almost all the blue/red/green content at the end as a bonus 🙂 thats the best thing about them

  17. Surprised to not see Metal Gear Solid on this list, it’s so good. I’m glad that the Oracle games made it number 1 though, well deserved! Great video!!!

  18. I recently got an EZ-Flash for my Gameboy Micro, and loaded all GB, GBC, GBA and NES games onto it. Looking for decent games to play because there are hundreds of mediocre ones.

  19. Can Pokémon card game battle do multi-player with a link cable?

  20. I bought an Analogue Pocket, now I'm here.

  21. I've always wondered how original game boy games were able to dispaly colour on the gbc. Was there unused colour data and the gbc can just access it? Also, was there some reason you couldn't play gbc games on an original/pocket?

    Just a few things I've always wondered and hope someone can answer.

  22. Donkey Kong Coutry on Game Boy Color is trash is control is super slipery DK Land 2-3 are way better then this port !!

  23. The Pokémon card game isn’t good enough for a top ten . There’s actual Pokémon games that are the same thing but better .

    Like how there’s dokkan and legends for Dragon Ball

    They are vastly different

  24. Don't like being that guy but everyone i've spoken to about the best Gameeboy and Gameboy Advance games, they've always included Metal Gear Ghost Babel and Wario Land 3 in their lists. In fact, I would say those two games alone are far better games than some of the games you've mentinoed in your top ten list. It's like making a top ten jrpg list and not including Chrono Trigger. Another example? Top ten Super Nintendo games and not including Super Mario World. That's how important those two games are in the Gameboy Color Library.

  25. Not playing dragon monster warriors if I can’t see the dragons getting it on

  26. Why was Pokémon Crystal not on this? As No.2?

  27. If you have not played Link's Awakening yet? Once you do, you will emotionally moved and will not want to end the story not after meeting "Little Mairan". First I beat it I was torn too.

  28. Warning about Ghost Boy in Link's Awakening. His story will move you.

  29. Man,.having Kirby Tilt'n'Tumble in the top 3 warms my heart.

  30. Odd list. Also, why is there 0 mention of Super Mario Bros Deluxe screen crunch? It's done way too extensive, resulting in blind jumps, which is especially as good as unplayable when playing The Lost Levels. The GBC has much better games than this great but flawed Super Mario Bros package.

    Also, no Shantae?

  31. 6:01 If none of your friends hadn't played it, then all of your friends had played it.

  32. They are WAY too dated in terms of graphics. I can't handle it. Lol. Gameboy Advance is the most I can handle. It's is the absolute best retro of the bunch, in my opinion.

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