Top 10 Best Gameboy Color Games Of All Time

We take a look at the 10 best Gameboy Color games of all time. Hopefully this helps all of you modders and Analogue Pocket enthusiasts.
Our Top 50 GBC Games:

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 10. Donkey Kong Country
01:28 9. Tomb Raider: Curse Of The Sword
02:36 8. Pokemon Pinball
03:34 7. Dragon Warrior Monsters
04:53 6. Pokemon Trading Card Game
06:19 5. Super Marios Bros. Deluxe
07:43 4. Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
08:59 3. Kirby Tilt N’ Tumble
10:09 2. Pokemon Gold/Silver
11:23 1. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages


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  1. I had a little play of that Tomb Raider, It was pretty good, and I loved the detail in the movement. I was blown away by this version if Link awakening, a game that was already great made better. After Red and Blue, I skipped out on Gold and Silver, I will be revisiting those. Thanks again for a great upload👍🔥

  2. Thanks Retro Dodo. I agree with this list I think you nailed it!!!

  3. Shantae, Pokémon Silver, Marioland 2 and Kid Icarus are my favourites

  4. GBC also has the best version of Ubisoft Scrabble which is my favorite and most played video game. I'm currently playing this on my Powkiddy X2.

  5. Zelda games are definitely a must-play for any Nintendo system! You should look at Solarus and Nesmaker, both are amazing game engines for building Zelda games and more!

  6. Like these videos. Would appreciate a GBA, N64 and PS1/PSP list.
    (GBA most)

  7. Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) would be in my top 5. I'd go for Pokemon Crystal instead of gold/silver. Great list. Can't wait for the GBA and other retro consoles.

  8. I kinda expected Pokémon Crystal in 2nd place, since it's an improved version of Silver/Gold.

  9. I wish you a happy, successful and joyous life.

  10. Pokémon TCG was awesome!
    I remember I had that game when I still couldn't read a lot and enjoyed it a lot.

  11. Lmao, when I saw this I imagined that you played them on a GBA

  12. Nice list!!! but I think you forgot Super Mario Land 2 and Adventure Island 2, great games all time.

  13. Great list, the gbc was awesome back in my childhood.

  14. trading card game is ok but def not best of all time

  15. Contrustive criticism: this video is boring as hell for one reason and one reason alone: you just read the game description with a joke here or there. It's nothing we couldn't do off of going through Wikipedia you feel me? If you want to make another top 10, my humble recommendation would be to talk about the game with your words, and actually tell us WHY you actually chose this game, not just read the game description and be done with it.

  16. What would really be nice is if someone or some company would create and give us new GB, GBC, GBA, NES, MD and SNES game titles! In both the form of new cartridges and roms.

  17. Awesome, more of this please! 😁 I would like to hear DS and 3DS 👍

  18. I really don't think ports should count. Like, imagine saying "Minecraft is the best 3DS game." Like, yeah, but that shouldn't really count, you should count games exlucive or started on the system you're covering

  19. Great list and I really like your video but the sound quality could be a bit better (not sure if you need a new microphone for that) and going forward try to sound a little more natural in your approach. You can clearly hear that you are reading up from a paper 😊

    Not hating, just want you to improve your content cause I really like this channel!

  20. I think crystal is a better choice than gold/silver.

  21. wow that tomb raider game reminds me of Blackthorne

  22. It’s amazing how far graphics have come! I was raised on the DS and Wii, and am shocked by these games 😂

  23. Pokemon? meh. Not my thing. Otherwise a good list. I just don't see the deal with Pokemon. It's just similiar games with Pokemon that aren't in the other games. Played one played them all. Just haven't captured them all. If you're looking for a driving game top gear rally/2, and no megaman 🙁

  24. All zelda's should be conut as one p.s. like pokemon

  25. That was a lot of adds In a 10 minute video.

  26. i’m so glad you put pokemon tcg on here, i still adore it and it’s how i started playing the tcg in real life ❤️

  27. Great video. I was just about to make myself a top 10 list of all consoles.

  28. "The Mushroom Kingdom is in uproar after King Bowser uses his Dark Magic to turn its Citizens into Blocks"

    Immediately Proceeds to Break 2

  29. I know I'll be bashed for this, but I just don't get Pokémon. Each to their own, plus it's your list with your options.

    So glad Zelda Oracles beat them to number 1 though. They certainly didn't skimp out on these or Link's Awakening, despite the limitations of hardware.

  30. I liked metal gear solid game for the gbc. It was pretty long game for the gbc and pretty fun.
    I also enjoyed the gbc game. WIsh they made a trading card game for the newer Nintendo with the newer cards and keep the rpg gameplay. The online site was alright, but after the beta i found out you still gotta buy the cards.
    Ill be picking up Kirby tilt and tumble and install a new batter inside when i get the analogue pocket.

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