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In today’s episode, I provide my Top 10 picks for my personal favorite Game Boy Color games. These are games that were designed with the Game Boy Color in mind (black cartridges and clear cartridges only). Which are your favorites?

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All footage captured in-house on original hardware, using an Elgato HD60 paired with an EON GCHD and mClassic adapter.

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  1. Cool list, but you should have made this a top 11 so you could include Super Mario bros. Deluxe. My favorite gbc game.

  2. I personally love re gaiden, yes it has its flaws and it’s not a perfect game but I still think it’s really good and a great gbc game plus I’m a resident evil fanatic so if you give my anything resident evil I’ll automatically love it

  3. 0:00 Intro1:26 #10 – Resident Evil Gaiden3:39 #9 – Conker's Pocket Tales5:11 #8 – Game & Watch Gallery 27:02 #7 – Wario Land 38:58 #6 – Spider-Man 11:10 #5 – The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX12:43 # 4 – Mega Man Xtreme14:23 # 3 – Bionic Commando: Elite Forces15:51 #2 – Metal Gear Solid17:41 #1 – Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition19:51 OutroYour Welcome 🙂

  4. For a GBC top ten I’d nominate a game called Warlocked. It’s a tiny little pocket sized RTS – an actual RTS on the game boy colour. Not only that but (for what it is) it’s actually genuinely good. It’s very simple but has all the basic features you’d expect from a classic RTS.

  5. Most video about GBC games are full of ridiculous, babyish, excuses for games. Thank you for highlighting games that people over the age of 6 can enjoy.

  6. Great Video. What you think about the 2 tomb raider games?

  7. What an awesome way to incorporate GBC games into your channels format! WARIOLAND 3!!! YES! One of my top favorite gameboy games of all time! I have the same thoughts with Mario golf. They could make an entire game utilizing Wario’s golf mechanics! Who doesn’t wanna elbow some baddies for 9 holes? 🤣🤣🤣 Dude I swear there isn’t a kid from our generation who didn’t either own Pokémon yellow, blue or red version or atleast want one of them lol Awesome list man! Great picks! Stay awesome GCG! 🤘

  8. I'm glad you were able to step out and talk about gameboy! I think we are okay with mixed content. Loved the list you can really tell these are games you fell in love with. Pokemon yellow was also the reason I wanted a gameboy color and mine was also kiwi green.

  9. Games on this list dominated my childhood as well and heavily contributed to my deep love and connection to games. I've always wanted to try your #10 on the list. Great job!

  10. Such an awesome list of Game Boy Color Games. I wish I had a lot of the good games (Link’s Awakening DX, Pokémon Yellow, Wario Land 2 & 3, etc) but still an awesome list either way. Also Fun Fact: I actually have Mega Man Xtreme CiB that my mom got for me for the holidays and I still have it CiB to this day. No joke.

  11. Love how this is Gamecube adjecent so it counts, lol. What you mentioned dabout Resident Evil "ammo & health is scarce, so you can't go killing ever enemy" perfectly describes what I didn't do when I played RE2 when it came out back in the day. Lucky I got better at understanding that as an adult, so I can attempt to go through all RE games from now to the end of October.

    Also the zombies dying sound like they're out of Shaun of the Dead to me because the music stops, so I couldn't stop laughing at that part. Great choice for dedicated gameplay section, now I want to play RE Gaiden.

    For me the GBC was all about Mario Golf, Links awakening DX & Killer Instinct. Oh yeah & Pokemon yellow & Silver.

  12. Fantastic List and video! Spider-Man was fun besides those damn Siegels

  13. This might be my favorite GameCube Galaxy video of all time! No joke

  14. Game Boy Player is one of our favorite things about the GameCube!

  15. Great video! I'm not super familiar with the GBC's library so this was an interesting watch. My favourite would be Oracle of Ages, I was really impressed with the dungeons and story. Probably one of the most challenging Zelda games. But of course, Link's Awakening is amazing too!

  16. That's a nice list! I wished I had a GBC back in the day! Being the massive Spidey fan that I am, I need to play this one for sure as it looks awesome! The fact that the GB Player is a GC accessory then it opens up a massive library of portable games you can talk about and it's a smart move! Can't wait to see what's next! Great video and keep up the good work!

  17. I remember that Christmas getting yellow as well. And agreed it did make it a bit harder. Great list links awakening is. Masterpiece and I still need to sell a kidney to buy metal gear

  18. Yay, it's Game Boy Colour Galaxy. Um, this is an interesting list. Conker I did not expect, but I guess I haven't really looked at it because of Bad Fur Day or it didn't get that much praise. I may play it eventually.

  19. Wario land is truly an awesome series. Currently playing wario land shake it, and it's a blast! Great soundtrack. And once in a while, I start playing the original pokémon in visual boy, great memories.
    Man, how did you still has the cases? Back at the time,as a child, I didn't care about It. I Just have the cartriged.

  20. I also enjoyed RE Gaiden. If you want something that kind of plays like RE 1, but with (kind of bland) separate combat scenes, Alone in the Dark had me really impressed back in the day.

    Spider Man on GBC really brings back memories. I speak Dutch but had the game in French, but I learned a couple of words from it, and enjoyed it throughout many playthroughs.

    Link's Awakening was my first game together with Tail Spin and Tetris, first game of what would become my favourite series,.. and it hasn't aged a bit. I can boot it up and get lost in it immediately – well, not LOST lost, I know it by heart.

    And despite not being a Pokemon fan, I had blue, red, and yellow, caught them all, replayed them several times, and could definitely play them again now.

    Some others on GBC I really loved: Perfect Dark, Cannon Fodder, Bomberman Quest.

  21. I've been thinking about game boy/color games I missed out on recently so this was a great surprise, my own favorite is Super Mario Bros Deluxe, which I always found myself coming back to and spent a ton of time on

  22. Great video 👍🏻 there are a few games on here I never knew about and now want 😂

  23. Interesting list, not sure how many games I played there would make it on yours besides pokemon but I had a lot fewer games that were for GBC and not just GB games, (to the point that I just list them together when I bother) Though would have put pokemon TCG on there, still bummed we never officially got the sequel!

  24. Nice top 10 Marcello! I have the game and watch gallery 2 game. Sadly, I have yet to play it.

  25. I never got a chance to play RE for the Gameboy color but I've always wanted too. I went from the Gameboy to the NDS lol

  26. Great video my friend! I missed out on a lot of these games, mainly because I was a Sega Game Gear boy back in the day…never put that thing down.
    But this list would probably fall in line with my likes as well. I will say, the Spiderman game was one of the few I got to play on the Game Boy Color…and is still one of my favorites!

  27. Mario Golf & Pokemon GSC were the only I had that didn't make the list and loved.

  28. Another fantastic video with amazing picks! One of the coolest things about the GBC is that if you liked the NES or games of that era it's almost like it got another chance to dominate the market but with more modern gameplay sentiments with the added bonus of being able to play on the go.

  29. Excellent video! Loved your picks, great choices. The GBC is such an awesome handheld with a vast library.

  30. I had the same green one. Fave game that played on gb would be pokemon gold.

    Fave gbc only game is oracle of seasons

  31. Great list! RE Gaiden is so underrated, as is Spiderman. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel is awesome but in North America they called it "Solid", which is false advertising because the game isn't in 3D. I loved the name Ghost Babel.
    By the way, the word "plethora" is pronounced with the stress on the e, not on the o.

  32. Isn't Pokemon yellow just a standard Game Boy game?

  33. my guy asks for a gameboy and gets it on the same day holy fuck

  34. never heard of a couple of these, thanks dude

  35. Pokemon fever was so strong back in the day that I can't remember playing anything on the gameboy color beside it (gold/silver). Just watched a video showing 100 gbc games and I didn't recognize any of them. Same for this video.

  36. Fun list. I might add some of the Dragon Warrior games, and Elevator Action was a fun pick up and play.

  37. Been looking at a lot of these lists and surprisingly you’re the first person to put game and watch on. They’re really the perfect games for handhelds. Simple and quick.

  38. As a GBC geek, I gotta say this is a great list. My only gripe is the exclusion of the Oracle games. But at least they got a mention. One weird point… while I think I’m pretty familiar with the GBC cannon and have played the other nine games on your list, I’ve never even heard of Spider-Man GBC, much less played it.

  39. I appreciate how you have the game cover in the corner so we can see what it is. Too many people mention the game name once, then after the review you have to go back to see what the title was. Well done 👍👍

  40. This is a awesome video. Very different from the others. Great Choices

  41. Just came by to check if Wario Land 3 is on here. You made me proud.

  42. Isn’t Pokémon yellow a standard Gameboy game? Crystal was the Color one

  43. Spiderman for GBC and GBA are way better than Spiderman games for DS.

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