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In today’s episode, I provide my Top 10 picks for my personal favorite Game Boy Color games. These are games that were designed with the Game Boy Color in mind (black cartridges and clear cartridges only). Which are your favorites?

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All footage captured in-house on original hardware, using an Elgato HD60 paired with an EON GCHD and mClassic adapter.

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  1. Yellow was amazing, the only downside being that there was no reliable way to take down the first gym leader Brock. You were stuck with a fragile electric type, bird and bug types which were all weak to ground and rock moves. All you could do was grind. After that it was great.

  2. Nice! You should do a video on Game Boy Advance-enhanced Game Boy Color games and Game Boy Played-enhanced Game Boy Advance games! Shantae comes to mind for Color. You get enhanced graphics and a new transformation if played on a GBA. Recently got Shantae and the other games in the series on PS5 because I want to play the series so badly and for preparation for Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution finally digging out of it's canceled lost media grave and ready to be released in PS4/PS5/Switch and GBA cartridge flavors!

  3. Pkm yellow hard.. Nah I had a lot of fun. It was my first pkm game. If I remember right, my pikapi learned irontail and brock turned to gravel. It was fun. Also, if you start with charizard from red/blue, have it learn iron claw. Brock will again turn to gravel.I remember breeding my best pkm, and sending the offspring to the next gen game, up until the last 3DS games. After that you had to start spending real money on the service, just to transfer pkm. After that, when my handhelds died, I started all over with emulation. That really boosted my experience and fun. Re-living the fun of starting new adventures, and passing on the pkm champs to the next game… So memorable and fun 😌

  4. Shantae deserves a shout out as it pushed the hardware to the limit and the graphics still look amazing for the GBC.

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