Top 15 Game Boy Color Games!

Here’s my Top 15 (and a bit) Gameboy Color Games! Some of the best games on the system. Let me know your favourite GBC games in the comments below!
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  1. If you liked Wendy you should also check out the two Sabrina games. Also pretty good WayForward platformers.

    Toki Tori was made by two guys from the Netherlands called Two Tribes btw. Retronauts had a great interview/podcast with them if you’re interested. Sadly they don’t make games anymore.

  2. Another GREAT Video Nick !!!!  If you play R Type DX in the Retron 5 will it play in the color mode?? Have you tried it??

  3. Excellent video, Nick! Can't wait to see your Pokemon top 10 (or 15)!

  4. Played the first Dragon Warrior Monsters and pushed that pretty far. Liked the depth but man, having to grind to make sure your boss monster breeds don't fail was tedious. At least the music was pretty chill.

  5. Great video as always; top 10 (15) you can do: 3DS, Megadrive, DS or even PSP! cheers!

  6. CANNON FODDER and ROAD RASH are amazing ports if you don't have them.

  7. Glad someone else remembers Conker’s Pocket Tales fondly!

  8. My favorite game for the GBC is wario land 3

  9. Few games I'd never heard of there.. Can't wait for the analogue pocket to come out and try to get stuck into a few! Thanks for great video as always!

  10. You just can't have a Top GBC list without Pokemon. Gen 2 is just great

  11. I'm so happy to see Wendy every with way. I play that game soo much growing up. My mom bought me that game as a birthday gift together with Power Quest. Lol good old times I just recently bought myself a gameboy color with a light screen mod. Darn the gameboy color game now are super expensive

  12. Great list love your views on games. Love how in depth you are. Great video

  13. SaGa I, Saga II, SaGa III, Aretha, Aretha II, Aretha III, Metal Gear – Ghost Babel, Seiken Densetsu, Star Ocean – Blue Sphere, Lufia the Legend Returns, Penta Dragon, Knight Quest, Alien 3, Another Bible, Ayakashi no Shiro, Batman the Animated Series, Batman, Nettou Toshinden, Battle Unit Zeoth, Red Arrember: Makai-Mura Gaiden.

  14. Wendy: Every Witch Way was actually my first Gameboy Color game. It's such an underrated game.

  15. Yo next time can u add if they save or not? Nice vid 👍

  16. Out of Pokémon gold silver and crystal, would you personally suggest picking up crystal or one of the other two? Loved the video, it was very helpful!!! 😄

  17. good fuckin channel damn glad i found it, you have a very well paced video, good editing, you dont ramble needlessly, its concise. thank you for making this!

  18. Wow i didnt know there was a pokemon-type dragon quest game :O ima play that

  19. Glad to see you have Wario land 3 on here.

  20. Wow awesome channel. Im glad ive found it. You just got a new sub

  21. Dragon warriors monsters! Yeah! I remember my king slime healing everyone and using white lighting or white fire attacks….wow that was a long time ago. you are reviving my memories

  22. It's really nice that you are actually recommending your favourite games instead of just the same 15 games everyone else recommends

  23. Metal gear ghost babel? Castlevania Circle of the moon? Metroid Fusion? 😕

  24. Wendy every witch's way so buitifull 🤤 definitely gonna play it

  25. i agree. pokemon gold and silver (crystal too) are the best of the series. best pokemon games.

  26. Pokemon Trading Card Game is so underrated. It plays so well and it's a lot of fun to experiment with good decks to meta decks at the time.

  27. Super satisfying im adicted in low quality game boy games

  28. we definitely don't have the same taste in games.
    when i think of top GBC games, I'm thinking MGS, Alone In The Dark.. but i agree for the Zelda games.
    they are all pretty good.

  29. Really good Choices, I have played some of these games and they are great

  30. Pokemon Silver/Gold was revolutionary, it was my childhood's game. Zelda was great although the content and replayability is much shorter

  31. I heard that Wario land 2 dx was a release title for color.

  32. Toki Tori is probably my favorite puzzle game ever, hands down. Thanks for actually bringing up the original, whenever anyone talks about it they speak of the remake or the sequel which aren’t bad but man, they can’t beat the original. Especially with the soundtrack!

  33. Fun fact: Conker's Pocket Tales has a slightly different map depending if you play it on The Original Game Boy or Game boy color. Some other things are also changed like the title screen and developer logos. And you can't transfer save files between consoles.

  34. One also worth mentioning is Warlocked. An amazingly cool and fun RTS from 2000! Really stunning what they managed to put together on that one cartridge. And I think you might also love Metal Gear Solid. The Gameplay is sooo well done!

    I'm also glad that you mentioned Toki Tori. A personal favorite of mine as well (amazing music too). 😉 Made by Two Tribes (the Netherlands). It's not really "where it all began", since that's actually "Eggbert, in eggciting adventure" for the MSX (1994). But it was the first one with the name "Toki Tori".

  35. Now that you included Zelda games honor has been restored! Great selection as well!

  36. dragon warrior monsters and pokemon tcg were the two games i played a shitton out as a kid (besides silver edition) . i just started to collect some games since a friend of me gifted me a gameboy color again, just got me oracle of seasons and ages and theyre great games, also started to look through local electronic shops and get some nice stuff there, definitely gonna buy dragon quest monsters again. still got my original pokemon tcg cardridge but the battery died and have to order some cr1313 batteries, already repaired a pokemon game with cr2023, its alot of fun to clean those old gems up snd get them going again!

  37. I was a kid in 1999 , Friends said get pokemon , I said nah itsa little kids game… Turned out to be a deep rpg not even easy enough for little kids lmao

  38. Gameboy Color is super cool because it really is the last 8 bit system that had an amount of system memory that earlier 8 bit systems could only dream of.

  39. Have you tried Metal Storm for the NES? It has the same mechanic that Wendy – Every Witch Way has so I think you would like it. I've never tried this Wendy game, but I liked Metal Storm so I think I'll give Wendy – Every Witch Way a go.

  40. This video made me really happy thanks bro ❤

  41. RetroBreak's new videos have such high audio and production quality, but the older ones are still great to revisit.

  42. Two of my favorite gbc games that I own are Metal Gear Solid and Survival Kids. Excellent games indeed!

  43. I absolutely love your wall display! Where’d you get it?

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