Top 15 Game Boy Color Games!

Here’s my Top 15 (and a bit) Gameboy Color Games! Some of the best games on the system. Let me know your favourite GBC games in the comments below!
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  1. No one ever talks about Animorphs for GBC. Underrated to say the least!!

  2. unironically happy to see the "Our" Type DX shoutout lmao

  3. I used to love Billy bobs hunting and fishing

  4. I always wanted the Dragon Warriors Monster games as a kid but never got them, I managed to get a back up of Warrior 7 on ps1 back in the day and loved it but never completed it I have since moved on to legeally owned Dragon Quest 7 on 3DS lol good choices, Pokemon GSC is my have gen of pokemon, and them games hold a special place in my heart, I managed to score a import of Gold from America months before its release here in the UK when I was a kid. God bless the old local Chips store and its import section 😉

  5. Great video! It’s great to see some love for some old handheld systems, and I agree that gold and silver were the best of the best when it comes to traditional Pokémon games.

  6. I wanted to get GBC R-Type when I purchased the console, but I read a review that said bullets are hard to see and skipped it… "Block Game" is actually Quarth, my favourite puzzle game of all time!I liked Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) until I got stuck at the "steer remote controled rockets" section. Pity.

  7. Great video Nick, Wendy:every witch way looks really good. I recon you should do a top 15 3DS games now that the system is coming tot he end of its life, would be good to see your opinion.

  8. So good to see dragon warrior monster so high it's s brilliant game I really must pick up the 2nd. Great video as always 👌

  9. Awesome video bro big like mate 👍👍👍

  10. Is it generally cheaper to get games at an expo than on eBay?

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