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Interested in collecting for the Game Boy Color? Check out this list of the rarest titles in the US GBC library! In this video, we’ll run through the top 5 most expensive and sought after games for Game Boy Color and check out some gameplay footage. Thanks for watching!


All prices are based on loose NTSC-U/North American market values as of 8/31/18.

Check out Kelsey’s video on the Jaguar and Singer sewing machines here:

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  1. That sewing machine accessory is way ahead of its time, so cool. I like learning about all the niche accessories that the GameBoys and Wii had.

  2. that 'survival kid' game actually looked interesting

  3. 4:25 “A cruise ship that has suffered a massive viral outbreak”, hey? I didn’t know I was going to have to shell out for the gbc game 2020.

  4. Resident Evil Gaiden $55. Got my copy for $15!

  5. South Park GBC game anyone? It was recently put on ROM and is now for the first time playable since it was unreleased.

  6. Shantae is available in the Nintendo 3ds eshop if anyone interested in buying

  7. metal gear solid on gbc was really good, but lots of people don’t even know it exists lol.

  8. Why sure shantae's cute and all but I didn't realize that you need to be rich to afford the first game she was in

  9. Bullshit. Aprilia mechanic cartridge is not on the list.

  10. Where are you I want more videos please

  11. It s sad Why Santae is That Rare. I want to have this😓😓😓

  12. It’s like all the good game boy color games are expensive besides the legend of Zelda games

  13. You forgot that Blues Clues game for the GB I think.. Color???..

  14. 4:25 Wow, it reminds me of now during the pandemic (Foreshadowing…)

  15. I have gbc and I also have survival kids

  16. What's the point of collecting all this stuff if you are just going to die and can't take it with you? It's all meaningless

  17. I have one of the first demo colored game boy

  18. I wonder how the recent news of shantae 1 getting a rerelease has effected it's resell value

  19. I found a copy of every witch way but its 65 dollars and get 5 dollars a week

  20. Wait… wasn’t Shantae on the 3ds virtual console on eshop??

  21. I just had the singer sewing machine operating software, I bought it from some lady with a working Game boy color for 45 bucks total

  22. Shantae is definitely less valuable after the rerelease.

  23. 1:06 was this game made on the Pokémon engine 🤔 that’s pretty cool

  24. The second game looks so good for a gbc game

  25. In just 2 years Shantae went from being $350 to $600 to $800. -_-

  26. While I did pre-order a limited run version of Shantae, I'm not gonna count it here as it's not the original release. The Wendy game I might shell out the cash for, though.

  27. I don't know if it is just me but I think he is a really big Nintendo fan, not sure but I get the feeling he is.

  28. I learned about the sewing machine from AVGN

  29. Man, I used to have Survival Kids back in the day! Wish I'd known it was so rare. I would have been sure to keep it. Thanks for the video as always, Drew. Great content!

  30. when i was 5 i actually got the survival kids and i used to LOVE playing the game all day by myself since i had no friends back in the day. (sad) i still have the cartige with me and i just kept it in my basement

  31. One of my brother 's girlfriends gave me all his games and among them was Wendy's I remember that it was the game I put the most hours on ( I still keep it )

  32. Dbgt episodes and the resident evil are pure gold culture relics

  33. Ah yes my favorite kids game: lord of the flies.

  34. Cool guy ! I’m 31 and after a street life I only want a friend like him , my nerd side never die..

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