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Interested in collecting for the Game Boy Color? Check out this list of the rarest titles in the US GBC library! In this video, we’ll run through the top 5 most expensive and sought after games for Game Boy Color and check out some gameplay footage. Thanks for watching!


All prices are based on loose NTSC-U/North American market values as of 8/31/18.

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  1. Glad you included the Singer cartridge – I'd never heard of it before, and probably wouldn't have if you hadn't included it.

  2. I used to constantly see copies of Shantae in the discount bin at Walmart as a kid. If only I knew 😭

  3. I had RE Gaiden back in the day
    I remember picking it up from GameStop back in 05 for around $8…
    It was an excellent game!

  4. Shatae also contains a GBA mode if you put the game in GBA.

  5. I love Shantae, one of the best series ever made.
    I discovered the series though the Virtual Console on the 3DS, I wish I knew of the game back in the day.
    Awesome video.

  6. isn't the first one a prequel to the DS games called "lost in blue?"

  7. What about Castlevania Legends? I'm not exactly up to date with rarest gbc games, but that one cost me 70 bucks loose copy

  8. I haven't played a GBC game in years, thanks for sharing this list though

  9. Wow I got resident evil Gaiden at a resale shop for 2 dollars I didn’t know it was rare!

  10. Kinda glad that I got the VC version of Shantae on my New 3DS XL as the cost of the physical cartridge runs about the same as an Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders edition. Eye popping.

  11. There's also Metal Gear, which I heard is fairly rare in the US. Weird, over here I can still find them sealed in box for under 30 dollars. Fantastic game, too.

  12. Nice to see Res Evil Gaiden on the list. I worked on the title as lead tester.

  13. I Never understand people who say a game boy game has an good soundtrack.. come on dude…

  14. holy crap. that singer set id absolutely insane and beautiful. i dont sew but, the "custom stitching" is just. amazing

  15. Just to clarify – wayforward didn't use any of the extra GBA power with the exclusive stuff. It's purely a bit that gets set on boot depending on the console, and enables a different colour palette since the GBA has a bad screen along with the extra content. You can very easily hack the roms to give you the GBA content.

  16. Rare games eh? Lemme just use an emulator and-

  17. Survival Kids looks fun! I can't believe I've never heard of it and I kinda want to buy it.

  18. I knew it's going to be Shantae. Btw, this game also has GBA exclusive features (you have to insert the cart into GBA to unlock the extras).

  19. Rarest Xbox game……steel battalion. Complete with controller is $300+

  20. I hope you got more subs because your videos are too good.

  21. Pleasant video, good job. Had no idea about Survival Kids.

  22. I had once the Shantae one but I was only 6 years old and trow it to the trash cause back in the day I didn't understood it, worst mistake in my whole life

  23. Yeah… I think I'll be getting Shantae on Virtual Console.

  24. Survival kids aka the plot to Arrow 😏

  25. Before I started retro collecting, I sold my copy of Wendy. For 5$. I'm dying a little bit inside

  26. Where super Mario land? That's like over $1000

  27. funny enough shantae was going upwards of 600$ for a boxed copy a couple years ago, the current price of even a loose copy is only thanks to nintendo finally putting the game out as a virtual console release on the 3DS

  28. so, Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS was kinda inspired by GBC RE Gaiden, right? Never heard about that game btw, I need to buy it

  29. Nintendrew should be at 1 million subs already like if ya agree

  30. Do you have Majora's Mask for your N64?

  31. the whole video i was like "when is he gonna talk about shantae…."

    then it happenned.

    i look at my 3ds where i spent a whole 5 bucks on the copy directly from nintendo.

    i laugh, no…. SCOFF at ebay.

    PS: i found one at a flea market for 15 bucks. this was before i knew what its rarity was and i didn't have a GBA to test it on so i sadly lost out on a profit.

  32. Just came across your channel and already subscribed and watched 4 videos and im not one to just jump on board without watching a while so im impressed and im enjoying watching more ur deffo better than other gaming youtubers ive seen and dont drone on and on about rubbish ur just quick and snappy to the point and i prefer that also u can be funny at times 👍deffo look forward to watching more 😊

  33. You know what's funny, i can just emulate them and they won't be rare to me

    (not a hate comment, just a joke)

  34. What some people will pay for there 8 bit waifu

  35. NOt bad.True about Shantae being expensive btw…like 412 bucks on some sites.

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