Top Ten Must Have Neo Geo Pocket Color Games

Join TVGS as they list and countdown some of the best games for the SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color. So many great games for the system exist so let us know yours in the comments below.

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  1. I know this video is 6 years old, but i want to get more neo geo pocket games for use on the Analogue pocket.

  2. I wonder why the didnt give it 4 buttons? The carbon fiber looks great!

  3. The only 90s fighting games I really like are the ones made by SNK. The Samurai Shodown series in particular has a complexity to it that always keeps me engaged. They've aged incredibly well. Looks like they're even awesome in handheld!

  4. Like a few others in the comments, I have to give a honorable mention to SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash. It’s a simple yet very fun and addicting card game that has you battling all kinds of players in different locations based off of SNK and Capcom properties. Whether you choose the SNK version or Capcom’s, you’re bound to have a good time.On the flip side, thanks for recommending Puzzle Link. I just won an eBay auction for the game minutes ago and can’t wait to play it for myself.

  5. I can't stop playing Pocket Tennis!

  6. Awesome vid dude! Crush Roller is so much fun :), really nice picks! I would really like to try out the system link at some point, I have 2 systems now so just need the cable….and a friend… 😛

  7. Great picks! Such an awesome handheld, I just wish certain games in the library were more affordable.

  8. hahaha you named your character bacon i love retro stuff nice video

  9. My favorite handheld, has some really great games! Imports too!

  10. Ugh I got to the very last part of Dark Arms (before the tower). It glitched out and didn't register an item I needed and I couldn't continue no matter what I did. =(

  11. Great choices, however one title Id have made room for on the list was Snk/Capcom Card Fighters, Its a wonderful title.

  12. Two games which were never officially released in NA but cartridges were actually produced:

    The Last Blade – Mentioning it in passing doesn't do this game justice. The NGPC version actually includes both Last Blade 1&2 as well as mini games unique to the portable version. Match of the Millenium may be the best fighter on the system but this is a close second.

    Faselei – This was a pretty nifty mecha tactics title which combined both turn based & real time elements. The game is broken down into two phases. During the first phase you program all your characters movements ahead of time. During the second phase all the game units execute their maneuvers simultaneously. As the game progresses you earn better units and moves. Too bad this series never made it's way on to other consoles.

  13. I just ordered one. gonna review it once it comes in

  14. And I'm here waiting for Pocket Rumble for Switch :/

  15. We love videos like this keep them coming and make more dreamcast vids.

  16. I spent countless hours playing card fighters, I loved that game!

  17. I honestly found Cotton extremely bland and basic. The game just feels dated.

    Absolutely adore Cardfighters, MotM, Faseli!, and The Last Blade. MotM is still the best portable fighter around.

  18. at 6:29 what song is that (during Crush Roller's segment)?
    It sounds like a remix of a Twinkle Star sprites (another ADK game) track

  19. Gotta try KoF R-2 on the NGPC it is one of the best handheld fighters and along with SVC you had custom options which can change what your character can do. Also the SvC card games are great!

  20. I love Cotton, but damn the eBay asking prices are bat shit insane. If you look right now the BINs are in the $900-1,000 range. Not sure if it's worth the price. If only they made a version with a back light like Game boy did with the SP. I just love how the direction pad clicks.

  21. It looks a little underpowered for a 16bit system. Some of those games look almost 8 bit. Besides some parallaxing and more detailed sprites and animations, that version of Metal Slug looks almost as bad as the Game Boy Color Metal Slug

  22. All the games in the cotton series are ludicrously expensive. Not even faselei reaches almost $1000 dollars. Can’t wait for retro HQ to continue production of the NEO GEO GD cartridges.

  23. Out of the pocket sport titles I found neo turf masters way more fun. Once you get the hang of pocket tennis you can win every game easily

  24. تحكم خيالى وسهل جدا باربع صوابع هووون تمتع بالمشاهدة 4 fingers mobile control the funny fighter
    🤙🤙 support here and enjoy PUBG

  25. I’m up late at night watching 1990’s video game videos.

    I’ve watched:

    #1. The history of 3DO

    #2 Why Saturn failed

    #3 a play through of SHINOBI X

    #4. A review of PS classic

    #5. A review of NES classic

    #6. A review of SNES classic

    #7. A review of TG16 classic


    #9 CDi


    #11 CDX

    #12 NEO GEO


    I always wanted a CD X but when I was a kid $300 for one of these was kind of like asking your parents to spend $1000 now.

    It’s funny that now that I am 38 years old and I have so much money that I can go out and buy any video game console I want I still can’t bring myself to bring up enough desire to buy one of these off of eBay.

    I kind of want the CD X, the Turbo Express and Turbo Duo because I still have leftover advertising in my mind from 25 years ago

    It would be nice to have a single classic console with all the Master system, Genesis, 32X, Saturn, SEGA CD, and Dreamcast games on it.

  26. Great list but you missed Rockman Battle & Fighters

  27. Bruh i NEED to know what's the music at the beginning of the video

  28. Sonic Pocket Adventure is Sonic 2 with the music of Sonic 3 and different Bosses. It is an excellent game nonetheless

  29. Who is here to download these games on an emulator?

  30. It is cool that you can play some of these games on the Nintendo switch

  31. How could you forgot Pac-Man? The best non arcade-version which is the superior to all home-consoles/portables

  32. It's. Crazy that they missed an opportunity to make crystalist 2 I hope I spelled that right lmao.

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