We are trying out drawing apps! Next one up: Lucas & Friends – Coloring Games – Water color

There are so many games and apps available, that we decided to try out some of them ourselves to see which one we like the most. We do not get paid for this video, just doing it for fun and because we’re curious.

Lucas & Friends – Coloring Games by RV AppStudios. What can I say – we really loved this one! Didn’t want to quit playing. This video is from the Water Color-level. It was great fun, and actually quite relaxing, to just scrabble over the drawings, and the color appeared! One of the features in the game is that we get small prices like stickers after completing some of the drawings. It’s just that little extra something that makes the game more fun. Stay tuned for more!

It is worth mentioning that Lucas & Friends is also a supernice YouTube-channel. My kids love it, especially the 5-year old in our house. You should check it out.

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